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Red Jacket - Vintage find! Best $12 I ever spent! 
Jeans - Levi's
Sunglasses - Raybans

Well, we certainly aren't in London anymore - that's for sure! Surrounded by greenery, the ocean and the sea salt air - it's never felt so good to be back home in Vancouver. 

As I mentioned in my last post, Ken and I spent last weekend in Gibson's for a co-workers wedding. 

british columbia
what to wear in canada

We went up a day early just to be sure I wouldn't be motion sick from the trek up there and to have a little extra time to explore the area. We had a rental car service pick us up from the harbour and we headed straight to our Air B&B that we rented just a couple minutes walk from the waters edge. We took a few moments to get ourselves acquainted with the place we would call home for a few nights, unpacked our bags and headed out the door. Weather network has us a little nervous with reports of pouring rain all weekend so we wanted to make sure we used our rain-free moments wisely.

sunshine coast canada

We got lost a few times, but we eventually made it down to this little spot along the water. We were the only ones there. Not a sole in sight. It really makes you take a deep breath and realize how good life is. I grew up camping, getting dirty in the mud and wandering the trails of Canada, so I felt like kid again being here on the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We spent some time flipping rocks "searching for crabs" (haha) and discovering little creatures among the rocks. Nothing clears your head and lungs like a big deep breath of fresh sea air.

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looking out to the oceans
beautiful places the see in canada
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simple hiking outfit

This jacket has got to be the score of the season. A day before we left for this trip, I spent an afternoon at our local thrift store because we STILL have not received all our boxes we shipped via boat from London. Fortunately, I did pack some of my winter gear with me in my suitcase, but most of it is still on the boat. So I topped up my closet with a few sweaters and this coat until the rest of my stuff arrives. Normally I would always gravitate towards neutral colours, especially for outerwear, but the bright red caught my eye. I had several random people comment on it (and that's saying a lot considering there aren't a ton of people in Gibson's - haha!)

adventure in canada

It wasn't long before the rain started. We headed back up the trail and in the woods (with our fingers crossed we wouldn't run into a bear!)

proud canadian

We made it back to our cabin with literally seconds to spare before it started to really pour. The weather gods were really on our side over the weekend - thank goodness!

Xo, Andrea



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red puffer jacket in float plane

It's wild the amount of guilt you feel as a blogger when you disappear for weeks at a time! Getting a new post up has been weighing on me for what seems like forever! But here we are - back at it! 

At least I have a good excuse for the lack of blogging...we moved back to Vancouver!!! Hard to believe I've been off work from the hospital for a whole year now. I'm shaking in my boots thinking about walking back in those doors in just a few days. But aside from the physical move, scouting an apartment, starting the decorating process, get settled and exploring our new area - we've been busy spending time with family and friends we haven't seen much over the last year while away in London. Even though I'm still not back at work, I feel like a busy bee! So, in short, I apologize for the lengthly break from the blog, I really hope a few of you have hung around! I have a TON of posts from our travels before we left London.  As well as plenty of content going up on my youtube channel.

canada harbour air float planes
travelling canada

This past weekend was my second to last weekend off work. We were lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful wedding over on the Sunshine Coast of Vancouver, in a tiny spot called Gibson's. I hadn't been to the area since I was a kid and was more than thrilled to head over to watch the two love birds say their I do's. The only problem was that I get terribly sea sick on the ferry, which is a 45 minute ride from the mainland.  I had many bad memories of losing my lunch as a kid on that ferry, so I wasn't too keen to get back on that ship of sickness. 

float planes in canada
travel tips for canada

In the initial stages of planning, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to attend the wedding. Simply because I had no way to get there without being sick the entire time! Driving wasn't an option either (it would have taken about 7 hours or something crazy).  We dove into a little research and found a company, called Harbour Air, that does daily float plane rides to areas all over the island and sunshine coast. I still wasn't sure how my stomach was going to handle it, but I was certain that it would be better than the ferry. 

what to see in vancouver canada
best way to see vancouver

So we went for it and I am SO glad we did. It was a stunning 20 minute trip from take off to touch down. We hit the jackpot with the weather both ways as well. With a forecast of rain on the way out and thunderstorms on the way back, we weren't sure we were going to have the best experiences, but sun decided to give us one heck of a show - both ways! And to top it all off, I didn't get sick! No motion sick bag needed here! PHEW! 

Have you ever taken a float plane? What was your experience? 

If you ever visit BC, I would highly recommend doing a tour via float plane. We really do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and there is no better way to see it than from up above :)

Xo, Andrea




Finally, we are showing you around your London flat in Notting Hill! We almost didn't film this because we were both dead beat tired, but even though it didn't come out exactly as I planned, I think we will love looking back on this in years to come. 

We filmed this just the other day and boy does the flat look different now! We move tomorrow so we have stuff EVERYWHERE! Who knew we had to much stuff in such a tiny apartment, haha!

So I appoligize in advance if posts are sparse over the next little while. We are going to be super busy trying to find an apartment, decorate and work ourselves back into regular work life. So please be patient and stay tuned! :)





When Ken and I first discussed me moving to London for a year, I wasn't really sure. Of course it's something most people would dream of - I mean, leaving work for a whole year (basically a one year vacation), an opportunity to put more time into my blog, travel the world, live in Notting Hill with my new fiancĂ©!  What more could a girl ask for?!

Being the stress ball that I am, all the happy and excited feelings quickly turned to "but what if this..""but what if that...". I would have to leave a job that I loved (just before I was to be starting cardiac training), leave my family, friends and pets! I'm a person of routine, habit, continuity - and I was about to give it all up, pack everything I know into a few suitcases and leave everything familiar to me.  Scary!  Looking back, it all seems a little dramatic considering Ken had to do the same thing - except he was totally alone when he got to London. All he had with him was a small backpack. He had no apartment, didn't know a single soul and was in a totally new city. The poor guy slept in Hyde park for the first few nights! That's another story. One that he loves to tell, haha.

topshop coated denim
rayban aviators
somerset house london

I can't believe how fast my time in London has flown by. Before I left everyone would say "I can't believe you'll be gone for a whole year!!!" and I would respond "it's going to fly by". It has more than flown by. I feels like I've been here only a few short weeks! I think that boils down to the old saying "time flys when you're having fun". This year has been filled with amazing memories, world travels and new friendships - I wouldn't change it for anything.  I'm still pinching myself wondering if the last 11 months have been real life!

vintage clothing
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Now that we are down to our last few days here in London, I'm starting to feel emotional about leaving. I'm not a sappy, teary person - so this is BIG! What it tells me is that I really love living in London. I LOVE this city. Ken and I recently discussed if we would ever consider moving here permanently, and it was a no-brainer. Absolutely. It feels like home. Although if my mom had anything to do with way that would happen.

It's a strange feeling to love two places at once.  As much as I want to stay in London, I want to move home equally as much. Ken and I have been apartment hunting for several weeks now and as much as a new apartment excites me, I can't help being hit with a wall of sadness thinking that we have to leave our little London home. I love our flat, I love our street, I love our 5 minute walk to Portobello road, I love our local pub, I love our neighbours! I wish we couldn't be in two places at once.

Vancouver will always home HOME - home base - but London has completely stollen my heart. I really feeling like I belong here.

somerset house in london
keep it simple tee
vintage midi skirt
forever21 leather jacket

Looking back on the year, I wouldn't change it for the world. Of course if I had stayed home, I would have a lot more money in my bank account, we would have saved a TON on rent and living expenses, I would be much further along at work, I wouldn't have missed out on tea time with the girls and nights out with the gang - but nothing can replace the life experience Ken and I have gained living in another part of the world. 

It's only been in the last few days that Ken has said he's starting to feel excited about moving home. All this apartment hunting has made the move seem much more real. You start to imagine yourself in these apartments, what our weekends will look like, how life will change - again! It's all good stuff but sad at the same time.

chanel wallet on chain
natural makeup

Today we are really starting to wind things down. Getting rid of things we don't want to take home, making a final visit to spots we love, slowly starting to pack things up, cancelling contracts, ect. 

In a few hours we plan to walk down to Portobello for the last time. Have a pint at our favourite pub and say goodbye to Portobello and hope to see it again sometime soon. 

In the evening we have to get packing because we haven't done a thing yet! The movers come to collect our boxes in the morning so we better get filling them! I'm really trying to soak in every moment of our life here - and by delaying all the packing - I feel like I'm holding onto it just a bit longer.

Xo, Andrea

PS. We filmed a "London Flat Tour" yesterday! That is up on my YOUTUBE channel today! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE to be notified of future videos!

And thank you to William from Vitae Photography for the photos!
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