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Phew! Finally got this thing up! 

In this video I'm sharing a few of my favourite trends at the moment and ones I'll be loving into spring time! I've linked a ton of the items in the info box below on the youtube video, as well as plenty of similar items too :)

I hope you enjoy!

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north short acai bowls hawaii

Shirt - Forever 21 (Similar here and here)
Shorts (SUPER old vintage from high school!) - Similar option HERE
Jacket - Value Village (Similar option here and here)
Bag - Value village (Similar ones here, here, here)

WOWEE, what a week we have had! We landed back in Vancouver at 2am this morning after a whirlwind week in Oahu, Hawaii! The post vacation blues are in full effect over here. Thankfully we have a little sunshine in Vancouver today, other wise I might be in full on sadness on the couch mode, haha! 

I thought I'd start off with our first day we spent on the island. As you can see, we didn't have the best weather on day 1.  It was a little overcast, very windy and actually pretty cold! I was getting nervous in the afternoon because I only packed one jacket and one pair of pants! Luckily, things did turn around for a few of our days. But it's Hawaii, you gotta expect a little rain in a tropical place, right?

healthy smoothie bowls hawaii

As you might have noticed in my last post, I was a little bit excited for an authentic hawaiian acai bowl. I mean, I was eating them everyday for about a week! And I even got Ken on the obsession with me! So as you can imagine, the first place we plugged into google maps was Haleiwa Bowls. I had been told by MANY people that they are the best on the island, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.  They are currently working from a food truck that was just a 7 minute drive from Turtle Bay where we were staying, so it was a perfect breakfast choice for us. Once we got our hands on our tasty bowls, we walked a few steps over to the nearest beach and watched the morning surfers take to the ocean.

how to style denim shorts
how to style stripes
army green jacket
beach day outfit

Once we had filled our bellies with tasty smoothie bowls, we made our way back to the resort and snapped the remaining outfit shots you see here :) These pictures really don't do the beach at Turtle Bay justice. When the sun was shining, this cove was stunning. I'll be sharing more photos from around the resort and showing the beach area in all its glory in a future post :) 

turtle bay resort
pretty summer outfit
tropical nail art
how to vintage shop
pretty beach bag

I know I've said it a million times, but I freakin' love vintage shopping! This bag cost me a whopping $3.99 at value village a few days before we left on the trip. Of course there are TONS of them around the web but I managed to find 3 different beach/wicker type bags for a few dollars each in just one value village. Felt like a win to me!

turtle bay resort
turtle bay oahu
diy denim shorts
how to wear ray bans

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hawaii trip

Way back in September, back when we thought Ken was going to have to move back to London without me (read more on that heartache HERE), I booked a block of vacation intending to use the time to visit him in the UK. Thankfully, Ken didn't end up leaving, but because I had already booked the time off work, we figured we might as well use the time in some way! I'm all about a stay-cation for a few days, but since I have a little longer than that, we decided to take off. 

We didn't even look at booking anything until a few days ago because we are still in the midst of house hunting (and were very close to making an offer on a place last week). I just felt like too much to be planning a vacation, while planning the wedding and also trying to buy a house. Unfortunately, we didn't end up going through with an offer on the place we had our eye on, so we decided to go ahead with the trip planning. 

mermaid off duty

The reasonable thing to do would have been to book an easy all inclusive to Mexico or something, but Ken was eager to check out the surfing waves in Hawaii - so that was that. Plus, Hawaii has been on the list for sometime now and I haven't been since I was a kid.  Despite my terrible memory, I can still vividly remember our family trips to Hawaii. In fact, I learned to walk, swim and skip jump rope - all while in Hawaii. Not all on the same trip, obviously - haha!

forever 21 t shirt

After we scooped our jaws up off the floor after looking at what a week in Hawaii would cost us, we did a little research on where to go. Although Maui looked right up our street, we decided on Oahu. Ken found an amazing deal at a beautiful resort on the northern part of the Island. And I CAN NOT wait to go! Seriously dreaming of the sun in my face, a cocktail in hand, and to dip my toes in the crystal clear water! 

So, make sure to follow along on Instagram (@aandreaclare) cause that is where most of the action will be. I'll also be on Snapchat (aandreaclare) but from reading reviews, it sounds like the wifi can be pretty sketchy at this resort....

So let me know if you've even been and where to eat, visit, explore! I would love to know!

Xo, Andrea



casual date night outfit

Sweater -
Jeans - Levis (super old!)
Boots - H&M
iPhone case - Adrenes

Well, it's been raining for what seems like forever. I think we had about 26 days of rain in March. To say I am in need of some serious Vitamin D is an understatement. But all the rain also means Ken and I have a very hard time organizing a time to take outfit photos. We both work full time so we although we might have a few minutes in the evening to get it done, it is usually pouring with rain which means photos are a no go.  So, here we are again, at my bedroom mirror.

army green sweater
simple outfit

This past Saturday was another one of those rainy, grey-all-day times. Ken was at the office all day, and I spent most of the afternoon at home puttering around, but my mid afternoon - I was antsy to get out and about. So I sent Ken a quick text asking him if he'd want to meet up for a drink downtown (he'll never say no to that one) and that was that - I jumped in a cab and headed down. It was absolutely pouring yesterday so I took the opportunity to do a little shopping since the shop weren't as busy as they normally would be on a decent weather day.

simple hair, makeup and outfit
inexpensive outfit ideas
camp green sweater

Ken and I ended up meeting at Chipotle for a little impromptu dinner date. I insisted on a cheap meal because we are currently house hunting and although we haven't made an offer on anything yet, I already feel broke! Haha. We split a chicken bowl and splurged on a few margaritas, which we surprisingly good for a fast food type place!  After dinner we made a quick spot for another beer at a local pub before hitting the hay.

weekend outfit
cute pink iPhone case
simple ootd

All in all, despite the never-ending downpour, it was pretty great Saturday! What did you get up to this weekend?

Xo, Andrea

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