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restaurants in 7 dials

Scarf - Vintage
Handbag - Prada
Skirt - old - Similar ones HERE
Boots - (I've since thrown them out and replaced them with THESE)

Another day, another coffee.

One of my favourite things to do here in London is to drag Ken away from the library and head out to brunch. We do our best to try something new each time but we are also creatures of habit (especially if we are hangry) so occasionally we will end up at the same place over and over again (like I mentioned in THIS post).

. I had heard about this little spot from another London blog and thought we'd try it out.  This was our first time to Canela and we weren't disappointed

where to brunch in london
must see spots in london
best brunch spots in london
old world decor

I loved the look of the place. It had an old world meets modern look that was right up my alley.

window shot at brunch
delicious foamy italian coffee

Little touches (like coffee that comes with a cinnamon stir stick) are things I really love and appreciate. It's the small things...

the best coffee in london
the best food in london

We both ordered a big ol' brunch full of eggs, chorizo, tomatoes and bread. I also ordered an extra piece of bread to soak up all the drippings in my bowl - YUM!

prada saffiano double zip
how to wear an oversized scarf
copper and black coffee shop decor

It wasn't even 10 minutes after brunch before we had another coffee in our hands. There was an event happening around the corner from the restaurant that was offering free coffee and treats - I didn't want to be rude a refuse the coffee!

casual brunch attire
what to wear to brunch
black ankle boots

I hope you're having a lovely Monday!

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Xo, Andrea




a fall day in paris

See part I of our visit to Paris HERE
Make sure to watch our video diary as well (see it HERE) - it's my favourite we've done yet! :)

I still can't get over how lucky we were with the weather in Paris. It was mild, little wind, with the most picture perfect light peeking through the streets and between the buildings. We didn't end up taking as many picture as I would have liked because I was fighting the beginning of a flu. Luckily, it didn't hit me hard until the next day.  So although I wasn't feeling my best, Ken and I woke up early and heading out for a half day of sight seeing in the city. 

what to see in paris
sunny day in paris
delicious parisian coffee near le louvre
paris breakfasts

We fuelled up at a tiny little cafe we spotted on our way to the louvre and went for the full meal deal. We both devoured our entire meal in about 2 minutes but took our time sipping our coffees to enjoy the view.

a full breakfast in paris of croissants, jam, omelettes and coffee
the best coffee in paris
how to be parisian
what to wear in paris

These over the knee boots were the perfect foot attire for the day. They kept my legs warm and they are plenty comfy for a day walking around the city on foot. I've done a whole video on how to style these boots. If you're looking for a little inspiration, you can watch the video HERE

beautiful sunlight through the buildings in paris
how to style over the knee boots and denim skirt
architecture in paris
the black and white steps in paris
how to dress like a parisian
how to see paris in 2 days

(I was so in denial about being sick here but that puffy face says it all! haha)

paris on foot
wandering paris on foot in the fall
blue and cream coloured buildings around paris
picture perfect view of the water in paris during the fall
what to wear in paris
parisian sunset seen through the buildings

We caught our train home mid afternoon and were definitely sad to be leaving. It was a very quick trip because Ken was due back at school on Monday. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that we only stayed the weekend because the next few days were spent in my flannel pj's on the couch eating popsicles.

Watch our video diary HERE or click the video below to watch :)




snug app

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Over the years, I've learned a lot about creating a beautiful, eye catching Instagram. It's certainly no easy task, and I am far from perfecting it, but I think I've come a long way from where my Instagram was even a year ago.

One of the most important aspects of a great Instagram is having a feed that flows well. Both in the content (ie. having a good balance of close up and wide eye photos) and choosing a colour tone or theme for your feed.  When I look at someones Instagram my brain categories into a cool toned or warm toned feed. Personally, I am drawn to cool toned feeds, so that is the tone I try to stick to with my photos.

instagram app

That's where this app came in VERY handy.  I can't tell you how many times I would edit a photo, post it, and immediately know that the colour tone isn't quite right. Sometimes I would just leave it up but more often than not, the OCD in me would kick in and I would take it down, re-edit the photo and re-upload (annoying, I know). Essentially, this app eliminates those mistake posts that look perfect when you edit them, but when you post it, you realize it doesn't blend well with the rest of your feed. 

(if your not sure what your Instagram colour tone or theme is, try looking at your phone from a distance, take note of what colours stand out most - blues, greys and off whites are cool tones - yellow, red, browns are warm toned.  See this Instagram HERE for a great example of a cool toned feed)

instagram preview app

The app is called Snug and it's purpose it to preview your next Instagram post, before you actually post it. All you have to do is load your feed into the app (you don't have to give your password or anything) and it creates an empty spot next to your last post. You simply click on the blank spot and load any photo you like.

the best apps for instagrammers

Often I will try about 8-10 photos in this app, hold the phone an arms distance away and determine if that photo stands out like a soar thumb or if it flows well with the rest of my feed.  I'll re-edit the chosen photo as needed and then eventually bring the photo into Instagram. It is such an easy solution for Instagrammers! I wish I had thought of it, haha!

I hope you find this helpful and happy gramming!

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Xo, Andrea



how to style a sweater shirt
Sweater - UCL University
Skirt - Forever21
Shoes - River Island
Handbag - Chanel

I know I've mentioned it a few times, but incase you missed it, Ken and I are here in London for him to go back to school.  So naturally, I had to represent my husband-to-be and his adventures in school.  He actually surprised me with the sweater just a few weeks after I made the move to London, and I was more than happy to sport it around town.

how to style my boyfriends closet
portobello market flowers

Walking to Portobello Market it something we do fairly frequently. Our flat is just a few minutes walk away so it would be kind of silly not to.  Usually we reserve it for nice sunny days, but on this particular day we decided to head out into the rain and in search of some fresh flowers and coffee.

beautiful rich coloured flowers from portobello market
cute Black and white outfit
yummy latte and baked treats in london

Gail's bakery is one of the more popular bakeries on Portobello Road. It's right on the main strip, so a lot of people stop there for a caffeine top up. Not to mention the finger-lickin baked goods.  I also love their avocado toast (see a post on that HERE), which I've ordered over and over again.

window seat in london
the best red lace up shoes from river island
delicious caramel scone and huge latte at tails bakery
red wall and red shoes in london, matchy matchy outfit
yummy treats on portobello market

Ken and I both have a MAJOR sweet tooth so it takes everything in us not to pick up a truck load of sweets and treats on Saturdays at the market. They have the most amazing drool worthy selections of not just donuts and sugary goodies but also fresh fruit and veggies.

chanel wallet on chain
what to wear on a rainy day

After much contemplation (and Ken threatening to leave me there if I didn't pick something soon), I ended going with these pretty pink flowers from the market. The vendor told me they are called Lazy Roses, which I've never heard of, but I loved them!

pretty pink and blush lazy roses
how to take photos in the rain
non traditionally flower vases

We got caught in the rain again on the way home, so we rush back and got these pretties into a vase.  And when I say vase, I mean a coffee canteen that we use as a vase.  It works perfectly for our weekly blooms. 

light pink and blush toned lazy roses

Xo, Andrea

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