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I started doing these round up posts back when we were living in London. I'm not sure why I stopped...? I guess because I figured most people that read the blog, likely follow along on Instagram as well. But in actuality, that might not be the case! So, in memory of my blogging days in London, I thought I'd do a quick round up of some of my favourite pictures that I've posted on instagram since we moved back. 

In case you aren't already following along on Instagram, follow along HERE - I feel like there is more happening over there than on the blog most days because it's much easier and quicker to get things edited and posted at the drop of a hat.

pastel colours in paris

[posted when I was a little jealous Ken was in Paris for the weekend]

interior design inspiration

[our home taking shape | Weekend getaway in the mountains]

blush tones shoes, shirts and dresses

[my latest obsession - blush]

pretty pink flowers

[day time coffee date | "Sorry I'm only home for 36 hours in a two week period" flowers.]

vancouver neighbourhoods

[neighbourhood walks]

instagram round up

[before the snow hit | Sundays | Pretty details | my new Gucci Love]

how to look good in the snow

[a weekend in Whistler]

how to style a bookcase

[a favourite green chair in our apartment | Filming my January Favourites video]

morning light

[A morning of french toast before night shifts]

pink blush tones
[words that speak to me | Filming my Thrift Haul video | Afternoon beer flights]

gucci handbags

[Before unboxing my new Gucci purchase | Harbour air view of Vancouver]

Vancouver sunsets

[to get dressed or not | insane sunsets that turn our living room pink]

Xo, Andrea




what to wear to date night

Handbag - Gucci
Sweater - Forever21
Jeans - Trifted (last seen here)
Jacket - Dorathy Perkins (Similar here, here)
Shoes - (love these and these)

At last! I can wear pink again! 

I can't tell you how excited to I am that these blush tones are so trendy this season. In fact, I think it'l be the colour of the season. Which means we are all going to be looking our best because this soft blush colour looks great on EVERYONE! 

gucci marmont WOC in antiqued rose
trendy colours for spring

For years now, I've felt like I couldn't really wear pink. I've always been SUPER picky about the shade of pink that I would wear because of my hair colour. Whenever I've worn pink, I felt way to barbie/legally blonde. I think hot pink is especially hard for a blonde to pull off. Not my thing. So, just to keep it simple, I've kind of stayed away from it. 

how to dress up denim
downtown vancouver
gucci slip on flats in black with fur

Until this season! The blush tones have been trendy for a little while now, but I've only recently become really obsessed. Something just clicked, and I can't stop buying it! You know I must be obsessed when I make a huge purchase in the said obsessed colour! My Gucci Marmont WOC in antiqued rose has been my little sidekick as of late.

sunset shots
date night outfit ideas
how to style the gucci marmot WOC
gucci marmont handbag in antiqued rose

Are you as obsessed with the soft blush toned pinks as I am?

Xo, Andrea



It's probably pretty obvious that I love to thrift shop. I mean, I can't link half my outfits here on the blog because a lot of what I wear is thrifted. Sorry! I know that's pretty annoying.

I recently made a a few trip to my local shop, and thought I'd share my gems I brought home to my closet! It was a pretty successful trip! 

Xo, Andrea

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casual weekend outfit by blogger

Top - Vintage
Denim - H&M (I also have these ones that I love)
Shoes - (Also love these, these, these)

Todays post it kind of an extension of my last post. A vey simple and quick outfit of the day that I wore the day Ken came home from his trip to London and Paris. I hadn't planned on taking these photos when I changed into this outfit, but I thought heck why not! Personally I really love these spontaneous, simple, real life outfit posts. 

how to shop for vintage clothing
how to style stripes
casual weekend date night outfit

I didn't have much on the agenda for the day (other than picking Ken up from the airport, of course!), so I kept it pretty darn simple.  Ken always prefers me in a simple pair of jeans and a classic t-shirt, but as we all know, that's not usually what I'm wearing. Often I'm in a fur coat, funky sunglasses or something else trendy. But Ken is a simple guy, and will always take an outfit like this one over something trendy.

Since I was going to be seeing him for the first time in 8 days, I went with his favourite - basic stripe top and denim look. I had to add a little of my own style in there - so I threw on my Gucci Princetown dupes :)

blonde loose bouncy curls
H&M denim jeans, thrift top, bare minerals makeup

These jeans are so stink in' comfy! They feel like I'm wearing my lululemon leggings. However, they have given out in the waist a TON, so they often slide down my hips. In this case, the belt was actually functional and not a fashion statement. I really need it to keep my pants up! Who knew a belt added more to an outfit than just details to the look!

preppy nautical look by andreaclare

I hope you're enjoying these iPhone shot outfits. I know they aren't anything ground breaking, but that's real life!

Xo, Andrea
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