Bringing Back The 70's

Pants – Joe Fresh
Striped tank – Dynamite
Denim button up – Ardene
Belt – Urban Behaviour
Scarf – Ardene

This burnt orange/rust colour is so popular right now and I love it! In the form of boot cut, corduroy pants they remind me so much of the 70’s.  This 70’s inspired fashion has been popping up for the last few seasons. This is my take on the trend!

 In addition to the color of these pants, I also love the cut.  Even though skinny jeans are almost all you can buy when shopping for denim, I feel like the boot cut is much more flattering for most body types.  I wore mine with a low chunky heel that is comfy enough for a full day of walking.  Boot cut jeans paired with mid heels are a staple for celebs like Jennifer Aniston which is PART of the reason she always looks so long, lean, and fit!  Don’t we all strive to look as good as Jennifer? I know I do.

On another note, I am still desperately holding onto the last little bits of Christmas.  Christmas always comes and goes far too quickly for my liking. So, I am off to bake gingerbread cookies now!  Now that I think about it, these are actually the perfect gingerbread making pants because if I manage to get dough on myself (and I know I will), it will blend right in!  No one will ever know!  Except those who read this, of course.....

Have a great day! 
XO Andrea


  1. very cute! love it :)



  2. this outfit is beyond stunning and fabulous. you're gorgeous. super happy I found your blog. loving it. definitely following. If u get a sec I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl turned LA local. thanks, love. xo


  3. Wow--gorgeous blog! I love this outfit and your style. I'm glad I happened to find you! I'll be following =).

    Hello, Framboise!

  4. Just found your blog... it is sooo cute! It is so great and it seems as though you're fairly new! I'm a somewhat new blogger myself... would love a follow! Definitely following you :)

    This outfit is sooo cute too. I love the 70's thing. And great scarf :)

    xoxo, Ally

  5. Love the layering!

    xo Ashleigh


  6. Great outfit! I just bought a pair of flared cords that I can't wait to wear. Love it! www.casualglamorous.com

  7. Very nice blog! I just found it and defiitely loving it!
    Love the jeans blouse in this outfit :-)


  8. i love this outfit! the color of the pants is gorgeous, especially paired with your chambray :)

  9. Loving the stripes under the denim! great outfit!


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