Vintage Belt

Jacket - Suzy Shier
Checker Shirt - Joe Fresh
Jeans - Joe Fresh
Boots - Aldo (last seen here)
Belt - Vintage

This jacket actually came with a different belt but I've never been a fan of wearing a belt that comes attached.  I replaced the original with this vintage belt that I have had for years. I love the chunky red, white, and blue stripes with the brass clasp.  I am a very proud Canadian but I can't deny my love of this colour combo.  Fellow Canadians, do forgive me.

Also forgive the poor lighting in these pictures.  I was so involved in cleaning my house (slight OCD) that before I knew it, all day light had faded away!  Darn these short days!  Now it's time to get cozy with the couch and my chocolate chips for a marathon of "Say Yes to the Dress"! Mhm, my life is very glamorous.

Happy Friday!

XO Andrea


  1. Hi Andrea, Just found your new blog. Love the outfits, will be stopping by for more inspiration in future! :)

  2. that belt is great and i love the boots! x

  3. Very cute outfit!

    xo Ashleigh



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