Maxi - Sirens
Jacket - Suzy Shier 
Boots - Gojane.com

The boyfriend and I went to see the Hunger Games last night and snapped these pictures before heading to dinner.  I actually really liked the movie.  I wasn't sure if  I was going to like it because there was just so much hype around it.  Often I find when things are so hyped up that my expectations are so high going into it that I come out disappointed.  But that wasn't the case this time, I'm quite excited to see what the next few movies bring!

Xo, Andrea


She means Business

Jeans - Joe Fresh
Button up - Suzy Shier
Bag - Vintage
Flats - Joe Fresh

I bought this tie ages ago when I saw Rachael from Friends wearing a tie in one of the final seasons.  She did it best but this is how I like to wear mine.  I kept the outfit clean lined and pulled my hair back to keep the attention on the tie.

Taking these pictures was SO awkward! The courtyard I took them in is between two buildings with apartment balconies on either side of the courtyard.  Every so often I could see people poking their heads over the ledge to see what was going on down below.  What makes it even more awkward is the fact that I was my own photographer today so I was running back and forth between my focus point and the camera....yah, I think the neighbors think I'm crazy.

Xo, Andrea


Here comes the Sun

Blazer - Solo
Shorts - Dynamite
T-shirt - American Eagle
Oxfords - Spring
Silly me, I actually thought I was going to be able to bare my legs today!  Clear blue skies, birds chirping, the sound of lawn mowers in the distance.....Buutttt reality set in when I stepped outside and could still see my breath! Ah yes, good ol' Vancouver!  At least we are seeing the first signs of spring! 

   I'll take it.  

Xo, Andrea


Grandpa Sweater


Jeans - Levis
Sweater - Vintage
Flats - Joe Fresh

I actually hadn't planned on doing a post today because I came off night shift this morning so I was tired and didn't really feel like putting anything interesting together.  But I was playing around with my camera trying to figure out my new lens and decided that a few of you might like to see what I wear when I don't really care what I'm wearing! So, here it is - the cozy grandma sweater that is appropriate for a few random chilly outdoor shots.

Xo, Andrea



Arm Candy

[1. Ardene 2. Ardene 3. Vintage 4. Vintage 5. Walmart!]

A few snaps of my recent everyday arm candy of choice.  Hopefully I will be able to upgrade to a Michael Kors watch one day!

Xo, Andrea



Ever since I started my blog, I have been amazed at how many people comment on my hair! So given that people seem to like it, I thought I would show you how I achieve the look and what products I use to get there.  The video is more of a general overview of what I do because I didn't want it to be too long by blabbing the whole time.  I can always do another video that goes into more detail of my tips and ticks, if anyone is interested.  I wasn't sure if anyone would actually want to watch a 10 minute video of my talking about my messy hair, haha!

I hope this helps you to recreate messy waves, and let me know if you try it!

Tata for now,

Xo, Andrea


DIY Detached Collar

The detached collar seems to be all the rage recently.  I’ve seen it all over pinterest and on many blogs but I wasn’t about to pay top dollar of a designer collar.  

I picked up this blouse from a thrift shop and kept a few things in mind when selecting it for the job.  First, that I would be able to button up to the top (some blouses have a very small neck!).  Second, that it had a stiff collar so it would easily hold its shape.  And third, that it had a collar that had character.  The one I chose has an elongated collar that I think gives it a little extra edge (it might just look like a regular collar but if you were to have it side by side with another collar, you would see the difference).   A lace or printed collar would also work well, I just happened to keep my clean lined and crisp.


Xo, Andrea




Who's excited for the bachelor finale?! I really hope he doesn't choose Courtney but I have a feeling he will.  I have to wait until Tuesday to watch it - seems like forever away, haha.  That show is  SO addicting!  

Who are you rooting for? - you all know who has my vote!

Xo, Andrea


New on the Job

Well I handed my new camera over to my sister to take my pictures today.  It was the first time shes ever shot a SLR and I think she did a great job! She got really into it! She was crouching on the ground and leaning into bushes to get the shot she wanted. And I must say, it was quite the luxury to have a photographer!  If only I could get her to take pictures with me more often.

And just to warn you -- We kind of went picture crazy so please excuse the fact that there are multiple locations and a TON of pictures.  Hopefully you enjoy them!

Thanks Sis!

Xo, Andrea


Vancouver on Foot

Today I went for a long walk along the seawall.  It's amazing how a nice camera can totally change your perspective of ordinary things around you.


Xo, Andrea
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