You Might not notice at first glance, but the button on my jeans is slightly off center.   No, I didn’t buy them in the “deformed” clothing clearance section.  It’s actually because of a little trick I do with most of my pants. 

Because of my body shape/proportions, bottoms always seem to fit me through the thigh and be too big in the waist.  This results in A LOT of pant hiking during my day.  So, I came up with the idea to add an elastic band to one of the belt loops on my pants and attaching the other end of the loop to the button in order to tighten up the waist a little bit. 

I tell you, it makes the world of difference.  Of course I could just have my pants altered to fit me properly but that would mean having ALL my pants altered and I just don’t want to put the money into it when I can just do this cheap and easy trick.  Try it! It will turn some of the most annoying pants into your favorite, most comfortable pants!

P.S if this doesn't make sense and you are interested in the concept, let me know below and I will put together a post in picture format to clarify!

XO, Andrea


  1. I love ur outfit... it looks so casual and comfy :) Could u tell me where u got the clothes? Thanks :)

  2. so cute ;))


  3. You look so cute as always, and that's such a great idea! But usually my problem is a good fit up top but then my skinnies eventually get baggy around the knees. Hate when that happens! xo


  4. Love your sandals!


  5. Very fun look, and that is a very creative idea!


  6. A photo tutorial would be fabulous! I have the same issue with jeans and pants, so this would be a welcome change to high priced tailoring!

    The Secondhand Magpie

  7. i just had to tell you that i saw this post ages ago and now faithfully use the elastic trick in lieu of a belt on many of my jeans! thanks :-) hazel


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