Normally, I try to keep my blog fashion focused but I recently stumbled across these at the drugstore, feel in love with them, and I couldn't help sharing my new find!

The discovery started when I set out to my local Shoppers Drugmart to find a replacement for my favorite go-to lipgloss that I had run out of.  I took a risk and bought these inexpensive ones from a brand I was not familiar with.  They only cost $2.99 each so I figured that if I hated them, it wasn't a huge loss.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the quality of them! 

They are called Essence 'Stay with me' long lasting lipgloss.  The colours I chose are Deep Rose, My Favorite Milkshake and Me&My Ice cream.  All fairly neutral, pretty pinks.  I really love everything about this product, especially for the price!  The packaging itself is a heavy duty, solid plastic that really makes them durable and expensive feeling.  The applicator is one I've never seen before.  Its kind of a figure 8 shape that molds perfectly to the shape of your lip.  They also smell delicious - kind of fruity (although when they are on the lips they taste/smell a little more perfum-y) and they really do last a really long time without being super sticky and goopy!

So, for all you fellow Canadians with a Shoppers Drugmart near to you, I highly recommend you go out and give these a shot!

Xo, Andrea



  1. I really like Essence they have a great selection!



  2. beautiful color


  3. I found these too! At Ulta. I thought they were amazing and such a good price!

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