Sweater – Jacob
Boots – Gojane.com
Ring (right hand) – H&M
Ring (left hand) – Mexico

About a year ago I had lasik eye surgery.  So today I headed out to a very overdue check up (I was supposed to go 5 months ago.....oops).  Thankfully, all is well and I now have better than 20/20 vision!! If anyone is wondering, the procedure was quick, easy and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  The only bad thing about finally going to this appointment is the fact that the office is in a HUGE mall.  Luckily, I managed to escape having bought only one item.  I’m sure it will be featured in a post in the near future!

XO, Andrea


Tea Time

T-shirt – Joe Fresh
Leather Jacket – Le Chateau (years ago)
Scarf – Steins
Cutoffs – DIY Levi’s

Getting tired of seeing these cutoffs yet? I did say I wear them A LOT and I wasn’t kidding.  

Last night my closest girlfriends and I got together for a tea party themed girl’s night.   Yes, we are 24 going on 45.  We are all tea drinkers (some more than others) and thought it would be neat for each person to bring a different kind of tea and do a potluck of teas.  It worked out really well!  Everyone brought an unusual tea that most of us hadn’t tried before.  In the end, we didn’t actually end up trying them all because we were also snacking on junk food and got kind of full, but we took home a cute little doggy bag full teas to try at home (pictured below).  They smell sooo good.  The tea I brought was an organic maple crème black tea.  YUMMMM! It’s like dessert!

Anyways, this is what I wore to the evening.  Its super comfy as it’s made up of stretchy leggings and a loose t-shirt! Can’t go wrong.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

XO, Andrea


Forget the Rules

Sweater – Made by my mom!
Jeans – Joe Fresh
Boots – Gojane.com
Purse – Vintage

This is a sweater that my mom knit herself long before I was even born.   Years later, here I am sporting the homemade creation! I bet she never imagined that both her daughters would love it so much as adults! Neat, hey?

Although this sweater has a cool history, it’s not exactly the most flattering shape.   But who cares.  Sometimes you have to break the “what’s best for your body shape” rules and just wear what you like.  I don’t mind looking like a box some days as long as I like what I am wearing.  Not to mention it keeps me super warm and cozy!

Anyone else wear their parent’s clothing from the 80’s? Haha...

XO, Andrea


Got my Bowlin' Shoes on

Blazer - H&M
Cutoffs - DIY Levi's (last seen here)
Button up shirt - Vintage
Shoes - Spring

I don't bowl, but I love these shoes. 

XO, Andrea

Keeping it Simple


When I don't know what to wear but still want to look put together, this is generally what I end up with.  Collared shirt + defined waist + black pants = easy and put together.

What's your go-to outfit equation?

XO Andrea


Faux Fur

Vest – Gossip Girl Collection
¾ sleeve shirt – Joe Fresh
Pants – Joe Fresh
Boots – Aldo (Also seen here and here)
Belt – Urban Behaviour

The faux fur fad is a trend that never really appealed to me.  Sometimes I think it comes off as a little bit cheap looking and I just wasn’t sure if it was a trend I wanted partake in.  But when I came across this vest, I couldn’t help myself, I had to have it!  I think this particular vest appeals to me because it’s not ALL fur.  I really like that it’s a woven vest that is a little roughed up.  The purposeful holes and loose threads with the only faux fur being on the trim make it a little different than most I’ve seen.  A little fur goes a long way, in my opinion.

What are your feelings on the trend? Yay or Nay?

XO Andrea



Casual Pencil Skirt

Skirt- Vintage
Jacket – Suzy Shier
Boots – Gojane.com

Even a pencil skirt can be casual!  Paired with an edgy faux leather jacket, calf boots and a cotton t-shirt, this skirt transforms into a day time appropriate look! 

I got this skirt at a vintage shop not too long ago.  It fits like a glove and has my current favourite colour, mustard, running through it.  Definitely a good find.

XO Andrea


Changing of the Guards

Jacket – Jane Norman
Scarf – H&M
Boots – Aldo(last seen here)
Bag – Vintage

I got this jacket ages ago when I was visiting England.  I was happy to be able to pull it out of my closet on this cold, wet day.

I always feel like one of the guards at Buckingham Palace when I’m wearing this coat because of the bright red colour and the structure.  Peacoats like this one are perfect on days you don’t want to put together a real outfit.  You would never know it, but under my jacket I had on comfy leggings and a plain old shirt.  Nothing fancy, but with the jacket on top I look much more put together.

Two things I learned today:
1)   Dark, dreary January was probably not the best month to start a blog that is based on photos.  The outdoor lighting is horrible and the rain and/or snow is never ending in Vancouver. 
2)  Bright red does not read well on camera.  Note to self: don’t do a blog post on a full length, bright red jacket that takes up the whole frame because no matter how much you edit, it won’t look quite right.

Ahh yes, the self taught lessons of being an amateur blogger.

XO Andrea


Colour Obsession - Mustard

I don’t know what it is that I love so much about the colour of this bright and delicious condiment.  It just reminds me so much of old, torn up, vintage books that I would find in my grandparents attic next to the type writer and hand carved shabby desk. 


Whether it’s a scarf, a cardigan or a belt - mustard yellow can be the perfect touch of colour to a vintage, old world outfit.  BUT - be careful not to pair it with too much black and be sparing with those stripes!  The bumble bee look is certainly not a trend this season.

XO Andrea

All pictures via Pinterest
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