New Camera

Look who I brought home last night!! A Canon Rebel T3!

Now I just need to figure out how to use the thing...

Any tips and tricks are welcome!

Xo, Andrea


Not my Clothes

Sweater - Abercrombie
Cutoffs - DIY Levis
Shoes - Chuck Taylor Light

Sometimes other peoples clothes are more appealing than your own.  I stole borrowed this sweater from my boyfriend.  I love the colour and it is soooo soft and comfy.  Boys have it good in the comfort department of fashion. 

Side note: For those of you that are wondering,  these are residual curls from THIS night.  In other words, it's day 3 hair.  I didn't really do anything fancy to it.  It was up in a messy bun all day yesterday and then today I took it down, used a tiny bit of dry shampoo, turned my head upside down and shook all the curls to mess it up a bit. And this was the result.  I actually prefer these curls a day or two after I originally style it.  Luckily, my hair does tend to hold curl pretty well (as long as I'm not in wet or damp weather) so I take advantage of being able to "recycle" the curls. 

Xo, Andrea

Perfect and Not-so-Perfect - 2012 Oscars

As you can see, I'm a little partial to the off white and neutral dresses.  They are just so elegant!  The only thing I didn't like about Jennifer's dress was the fact that it had a sheer skin coloured fabric in the cut outs on her arms.  It wasn't noticeable from a distance, but when the camera was up close on her when she was presenting, it wrinkled up and made her look like she has 90 year old skin on her arms! Minor detail - but it all counts!  

And I know that Maria Menounos was a correspondent for the event but I couldn't help putting her in here! I LOVE this dress and I thought she stood out more so than some of the stars walking by her!

I think a lot of people will disagree with me on some of these but this is just my opinion.  I thought the Penelope's dress looked a lot like the prom dresses from when I graduated many years ago and it just wasn't all that exciting.  Sandra's dress could have been much more flatting if the beads hit at the small of her waist rather than at her hips.  I've seen Stacey on a few best dressed lists already but I am just not a fan of the head-to-toe metallic and the giant rosette on her hip.  Don't get me wrong - they all looked amazing! These three dresses just didn't tickle my fancy!

Who do you think was best dressed?

Xo, Andrea


Saturday Summary

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was awesome so I thought it would be fun to do a collage of my Saturday - A day in the life of me, of sorts.  I also wanted to start doing these types of posts as a kind of photo journal that I can look back on in the coming years.  I have the worst memory so I figured this would be a nice way to help remember what I did on certain days!

My Saturday started out with a super intense weight training class, and -Oh Boy- am I feeling it today! Yikes! I had a hard time showering this morning!  
In the afternoon I went out grocery shopping which was kind of awkward because I had already done my hair and make up for our night out, so I was a little over-done for the grocery shop, as you can see from the picture above!

The beautiful, but very strange weather we had in Vancouver yesterday.  It was so windy that people were literately being pushed and tossed around!

Mid afternoon snack.  Might be a lunch for some people, but I am a big time eater and pretty much need a constant supply of food all day long.  

In the evening the boyfriend and I got dressed up and went out for drinks, just for fun.  Normally we would walk into downtown but I insisted on wearing these 4.5 inch heels for the night so we ended up taking a cab.

Our drinks! Mine was called The Great Gatsby and the boyfriend had an Old Fashioned.  Both delicious!

As you can see, the shoes were definitely not walking-through-downtown appropriate! OUCH!

The bathroom in the hotel was so pretty! I am a big fan of white on white on white when it comes to decor.  Dark rooms tend to make me feel sleepy, so I much prefer to be in rooms that are light and bright.

Classic post-evening out attire.  Consisting of comfy shorts and the boyfriends sweat shirt and UGG slippers.  My hair went up into a messy bun shortly after this picture was taken as well, haha.

Late night nibbles.  

Xo, Andrea


Up and at 'Em

Shirt – Suzy Shier
Tights – H&M (recent)
Scarf – Ardene
Cutoffs – DIY Levis

Didn’t have too much going on today.  I went to the gym and spent the rest of the day doing prep work for upcoming workshops.  Even when I’m going to be sitting at home all day, I like to get up and dressed in something I like.  I am SO much more motivated and productive when I am dressed in things I like. Weird how what you wear can completely change the outcome of a day.....

Remember this post next time you are a patient in a hospital so us nurses don’t have to bug you for hours to get up and dressed because it will make you feel better! You know it does!!

Now I’m off to watch the new episode of the bachelor!! SO excited! I think it’s time that weirdo Courtney gets the boot!

Xo, Andrea


Seal it with a Bow


This is the same shirt I showed in my “recent buys” post a few days ago.  I honestly bought it just because of the colour.  I do love the fact that it is long enough to wear with leggings and is a made of a sheer fabric, but I would have bought it even if it didn’t have those elements.  I paired it rather simply because I have a whole lot of arm/hand candy going on today.  Between the two statement rings, the watch and miss mash of bracelets, I didn’t feel the need to add much more to it.  

I wore this outfit today to the boyfriend parent’s house for a yummy waffle brunch! MMM I could eat 50 of those things.  This is the perfect kind of outfit for a casual brunch – comfy and simple.  I tend to keep my fashion rather tame on days I’m going to be seeing people that might not appreciate my funky outfits like THIS one. 

 Anyone else switch up their everyday style depending on the people you might see? 

Time to warm up with a hot cup of tea! It was freezing outside!
 Xo, Andrea


Recent Buys

I wore the first top today to a nursing workshop today.  Easy breezy and I love the colour! I had planned to take outfit pictures but we had a monster of a rain storm all day so everything was wet and dark.  Not exactly ideal for pictures.

The little mirror I got from a vintage shop near by.  It reminds me of the mirror from the titanic, so pretty! I couldn't resist!

Xo, Andrea


Game Day

Today was such a good day!! In the morning I went to a wound management seminar that was walking distance from my boyfriends apartment which was so perfect because parking in Vancouver is a nightmare!  The seminar was awesome and I would recommend it to any healthcare provider in the Vancouver area!! In the evening, the boyfriend and I went to out for dinner and beer and then we went to see the hockey game at Rogers area.  GO CANUCKS GO!! This is a date night that we do every year.   Instead of buying Christmas presents for one another, we get hockey tickets and make plans for a pre-game dinner.  Over the years it has become tradition and we love it!!

XO, Andrea


No sugar, All spice

Leather skirt - Suzy Shier (last seen here)
Top - Vintage (tag says Lady Anne)
Boots - Gojane.com
Necklace - My sisters :)

Some of this may look familiar from yesterdays post.  That would be because all I changed was the top!  I loved the skirt, tights and boots combo from yesterday so much that I couldn't resist wearing it again tonight for my friends birthday night out.  This is something that happens to me quite often.  I'll rediscover a shirt or a look that I love, find different ways to style it and wear it for a few days in a row!

Also, the boyfriend and I are almost a week into our month long sugar detox challenge.  We tried it several months ago for 1 week and we both felt like it accomplished nothing so, we amped it up to a month.  The failed attempted at the last detox also probably had something to do with the fact that it isn't a true detox.  A true sugar detox requires some serious dedication and control.  We are mainly cutting out all the processed sugars that are in things like cookies and chocolate bars, you know, all the super delicious stuff.  Natural sugars, like fruit, are allowed.  And we are also still eating carbohydrates, like bread, in moderate amounts.  Even with all the exceptions, it is still SO hard.  We are both SO addicted to chocolate and anything sweet (thanks a lot, Holidays).  Which is the reason we started this detox in the first place.  Hopefully by the end of the month we will be craving less sugar and will be reaching for the veggies and fresh ingredients instead! I'll keep you posted on whether we end up ripping each others heads off or not...

XO, Andrea


Ultimate Thift Find

Top - Vintage
Leather Skirt - Suzy Shier
Boots - Gojane.com (last seen here)
Bag - Vintage

This crochet top is the reason I love to shop vintage. I get so excited when I find things that look like they were homemade years ago.  I actually shy away from things that are made by a brand that I recognize because I can get that stuff anywhere.  I shop vintage to find the things that aren’t being made anymore!

I feel like this top could have been made by someone’s grandma in the 70’s and was loved for many years before being tossed out.   There are no tags in it and even has a few mishaps in the crochet itself.  It has so much character!

What’s your favourite thrift find??

On another note, the boyfriend and I are having a very exciting Friday night!  Haha, sarcasm is hard to pick up through a blog....anyways - we did a big grocery shop (I actually do love to grocery shop), made delicious tofu fajitas for dinner and are heading out shortly to see Safe House!  He picked it.  But I am pretty sure he is going to watch the new episode of Say Yes to the Dress with me tomorrow so, we are fair and square.

XO, Andrea
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