Shorts - Levi's DIY
Top - Vintage
Sweater - Urban Behaviour
Hat - Vintage
Bag - Vintage
Sandals - Gojane.com

I definitely wouldn't consider myself to be a hat person.  In fact, I hadn't worn a hat for years until I found this one.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I really like the straight brim and the colour of it.  I feel like it will add so much character to many casual outfits during this summer.  Woohoo for summer!!

If you're not normally a hat person, you should give them a second chance!  They really add an extra element to an outfit!

Xo, Andrea


The full BALLERINA bun

This is one of my favorite hair styles to do when I have second day hair.  It is so simple and makes my hair look 30X thicker than it really is!

Xo, Andrea


and my weekend looked a little something like this...

 [downtown night with the girls on Friday]

 [headed across the boarder for some weekend camping on Saturday morning]

[outside the bunkhouse at the family campsite]

[tired after a long day in the fresh air] 

[an evening fire] 

[the cat was so happy to see the pup back from camping on Sunday]
[they love each other, I promise]

 [chinese food for Mother's Day on Sunday - Yumm!]

[macaroons and white chocolate chips in the evening]


DIY Neon Necklace


- Newspaper
- Sand paper
- A statement necklace
- Spray paint in a colour of your choice
- Matte white spray paint if your necklace is not already light in colour

1) Roughen up the surface of your necklace to help the paint adhere the the necklace

 2) In  a well ventilated area, spray paint the necklace from all angles

3) Allow to dry 15 minutes and apply another coat until desired colour is reached

(Keep in mind you may want to start with a base coat of white paint if your original necklace is not light in colour like mine)


And enjoy!

Xo, Andrea




Tank - Urban Behaviour
Jacket - Vintage
Shorts - Vintage
Flats - Joe Fresh

This was the outfit I wore to dinner for Mother's day.  The family went for yummy Chinese food (grandma's pick) and then I went to visit the boyfriend at his parents house to walk their dogs and sneak some of his moms delicious home made rhubarb pie (she even makes the crust and used home grown rhubarb from their backyard!).   Needless to say, these shorts were mighty tight when I left.

Xo, Andrea





You Might not notice at first glance, but the button on my jeans is slightly off center.   No, I didn’t buy them in the “deformed” clothing clearance section.  It’s actually because of a little trick I do with most of my pants. 

Because of my body shape/proportions, bottoms always seem to fit me through the thigh and be too big in the waist.  This results in A LOT of pant hiking during my day.  So, I came up with the idea to add an elastic band to one of the belt loops on my pants and attaching the other end of the loop to the button in order to tighten up the waist a little bit. 

I tell you, it makes the world of difference.  Of course I could just have my pants altered to fit me properly but that would mean having ALL my pants altered and I just don’t want to put the money into it when I can just do this cheap and easy trick.  Try it! It will turn some of the most annoying pants into your favorite, most comfortable pants!

P.S if this doesn't make sense and you are interested in the concept, let me know below and I will put together a post in picture format to clarify!

XO, Andrea



Jeans - American Eagle
Belt - Ardene's
T-shirt - Old Navy
Bag - From a trip to Mexico many years ago
Sandals - Gojane.com

Look at me in a t-shirt and sandals!! So exciting!! I am definitely a summer person so I could not be more thrilled that summer is finally showing its face here in Vancouver! I can't wait to start pulling out my summer wardrobe and ridding my body of it's pasty white colour!

What's the weather like where you live this time of year?

Xo, Andrea




Jeans - Joe Fresh
Button Up - Sirens (very old)
Flats - Joe Fresh
Watch - Walmart



Faux fur - taken from an old sweater
Polka Dot T -  Vintage
Bag - Vintage
Boots - Gojane.com

Just a quick post of an outfit I wore last week to run some errands. 

Xo, Andrea
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