Shorts - Vintage 
Tank - Winner's 
Boots - Spring Shoes 
Bag - Spring shoes
Nails - Revoln Red
Sunnies - Raybans 

I love summer!! 

Xo, Andrea



Skirt - Winners
Crop Top - Sirens
Sandals - Gojane.com
Necklace - Vintage
Bag - Vintage
Watch - Michael Kors (rose gold) 
Nails - Revlon #680 Revlon Red

The high-low fad is one of those trends that I never really fell for.  I just didn't find the trend to be all that flattering or exciting.  However, when I came across this one at Winners for a mere $15, I couldn't pass it up.  Not to mention it was the only one in the store, and in my size - meant to be if you ask me.  The stripes are what sold me.  I'm a sucker for anything with a stripe on it, especially in black and white (I'm still head over heels for the monochromatic trend).  I also love the movement this skirt captures as I stroll though the breeze along the seawall!

I'm not saying I'm totally on board with the high-low trend, but this skirt is definitely an exception to my aversion to the trend. 

What do you think? Yay or nay to the high-low trend?

Xo, Andrea



Boots - Spring shoes
Sunnies - Raybans

My first weekend off in several weeks!!! The boyfriend and I took advantage by hoping on our bikes and heading to a local beach with a few salads for dinner and a couple good beers.  Silly us, we forgot a bottle opener.  So Ken had to break out his cave man skills by using our apartment key to get them opened.  It took a while, and his hands were pretty sore by the end of the night, but we got to our enjoy of drinks on the beach.  It was a perfectly warm evening to watch the sun set over the water.  

Today we are heading out to rent paddle boards on Graville Island.  I've heard it's pretty hard so I've skipped the gym this morning in anticipation that my arms and legs will get a pretty good workout from paddling around Vancouver all afternoon.  I just hope I don't end up in the water.  Despite the lovely warm weather, the water is freakin' cold!! Wish me luck!!

Xo, Andrea


Long Time, No Blogging... a little explanation.

Shorts - Vintage
Shirt - Men's Vintage
Bag - Spring Shoes
Shoes - Chuck Taylor Light
Sunnies - Raybans

Hello again! So, I think I've got some explaining to do...In regards to my absence over the last few weeks. A part of it has been due to me enjoying life and summer time in Vancouver without worrying about who is going to take pictures for me or if my outfit is "blog worthy" or not.  

In addition to that, I've been settling into my new job the last few weeks, and getting aquatinted with a new full-time life in Vancouver with my boyfriend.  Up until April I had been working in the suburbs of Vancouver (and staying at my moms house in between shifts to avoid hours of commuting) and living with my boyfriend in the city on my 4-5 days off.  It has been so nice not to have to pack and unpack a suitcase every 5 days and just have an official home with all my clothes and "stuff" I need each day in one place.  As silly as it sounds, not having access to my whole wardrobe each day was a real stressor for me. It seemed every time I went to put an outfit together I was saying "if only I had that one top here" or "I can't wear that top without that bra I left at home..." which left me frustrated and unmotivated a lot of the time.  Finally my "moms house" wardrobe and my "boyfriend house" wardrobe have been reunited, and it feels so good.

Now, the boyfriend and I have been living together full time for a few months and it has been so fun! (except when I can't get him to clean the toilet or scrub his own dishes {Yes, we have no dishwasher! Ah, the joys of paying top dollar to live in a tiny apartment in the city with limited appliances}).

In addition to adjusting to my new life here in city, I have also been sick on the couch the last few days.  I was in complete denial for 4 days with a minor sore throat, but by Friday night I was ready to admit I was full blown sick.  So sick that I've had to call in sick to work the last few days.  I almost never get sick, so I hated the thought of having to call in sick to a new job within the first few weeks of starting, but then again, when your sick, your sick.  Especially as a nurse, I have to take others into consideration and be careful not to spread things on to already sick people. 

So, day two of sickness on the couch, I've gained the motivation to finally post these pictures the boyfriend took for me a few weeks ago before a trip to Chipotle (YUM!!).  I hope you still enjoy them despite my long absence....

A big thank you to the boyfriend who took care of me the last few days :) and kept my supply of kleenex, halls and DayQuil plentiful.

Xo, Andrea
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