Bikini top - Joe Fresh
Skirt - Old
Bandana - Dollar Store!
Sandals - Gojane.com

Sharing a few more pictures from my glamping get-a-way today.  I thought I'd share what I wore to the pool a few times.  As the pool is a bit of a walk (or drive) from my mom's place, I like to cover up a little bit until I am actually situated next to the pool.  We all have our insecurities, so I certainly don't want everything on display on the way down to the pool.  Since the bando top is so in style at the moment, I chose to use my bikini top as a part of my poolside outfit.  I threw on a high waist skirt as a bath suit cover up for my bottom half.  Worked perfectly! 

Later on in the day, when we returned to the campsite for happy hour, I added a bandana to keep all my greasy, sweaty, pool hair out of my face (ew!).   I really like the combo of the stripes and the pop of red.  My aunt thought I looked like someone from France...I thought the look came off kind of pin-up like.

What do you think?!

Xo, Andrea


  1. nice|!!

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  2. You look awesome! That bikini top is too cute!

  3. what a perfect sunny day look! i need a skirt like that.

  4. Really cute outfit, for the pool or any casual summer destination.

    I actually love what you've done with the bandana. I've been finding that I'm really drawn to hairbands these days, for this same reason!

    xoxo Jackie


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