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I feel like such a housewife in this outfit.  Especially because I had been in the kitchen all day doing meal prep for the week.  

Also, happy to report that this was a boyfriend approved outfit.  He says most of the time I dress like a guy or "weird", so he was more than pleased to see me in a cute dress and heels for a change.  

Xo, Andrea





Blazer Vintage (Similar) | Crop Top Bandy Melville | Skirt Off the Wall | Belt Vintage (Similar) | Necklace Urban Behaviour (Similar) | Boots Spring Shoes

We had so much trouble with these pictures for some reason.  I had been doing homework all day, time had slipped away from me so I had to race to put myself together and get downtown to meet up with the boyfriend before the sunset.  When I got there we quickly whipped out the camera and tried to get a few good shots before the sun disappeared.  We were both starving and the sun was setting quickly, so we were a little frustrated. But it all worked out in the end. 

Nothing a chipotle dinner and a few margaritas can't fix.

Xo, Andrea





Tank Brandy Melville | Shorts Levi's Vintage (Similar) | Scarf Forever 21 | Boots Spring Shoes | Watch Michael KorsSunnies Ray bans

I found this scarf at forever 21 in the men's section the other day.  It was a score at $13.  I love that it's so huge that I am actually able to wear it as a shawl.  It provides the perfect amount of warmth for heading out the door mid afternoon.  

And like everyone else right now, I'm totally obsessed with anything plaid.  Plaid in any colour, shade, print, form.  I want it all.  That's why I was so thrilled to pick up this scarf - it acts as a finishing piece to any outfit.  The plaid print will instantly make any outfit more interesting.

I have to talk about this Brandy Melville top.  I bought it in both black and white because it is such an easy, breezy piece.  The oversized fit, the way it drapes and the movement it catches when I walk through a gust of wind had me sold. Although it offers ZERO warmth and is therefore rather impractical for the coming season, there was no looking back once I had spotted it on the rack.

Xo, Andrea





A few weeks ago the girls and I planned a quick weekend trip to visit one of our fellow high school friends and her little family.  I still can't believe she's married with two little ones now!!

We spent most of our time visiting with Laura, but we made sure to allot enough time for some wine tasting.  Kelowna is very well known for their wine, and boy - now I know why. 

We left with two trunks full of our favourites...

I spent the night before at a friends house so we could hit the road early the next morning.  This is her kitty, George.  Quite the calendar kitty.
We had a delicious homemade dinner and a few drinks in the evening.
The drive from where we were to Kelowna can take about 3 hours, depending on how strictly you follow the speed limits.  We chose to take the long and scenic route, stopping at a few sight seeing spots along the way.  It took us about 8 hours...haha. But the ride was full of adventure, candy and a lot of laughing.
One of the afternoons we were in Kelowna was spent visiting 5 different wineries. Many of them were right on the edge of Okanagan Lake - so pretty!
Mission Hill, one of the most well known wineries in Kelowna.

The view from the top of Mission Hills winery, with the girls in the foreground. 

The company was great, the wine was delicious and the scenery was to die for.

Sorry there aren't any outfit pictures in this one…I was the only photographer of the trip and the few pictures I was in were not blog worthy...one too many sips of wine perhaps? 

I hope you enjoyed the photo diary :)

Xo, Andrea



Dress - Brandy Melville Sweater - Thrifted Boots - Aldo (old)

I bought these boots when I was about 18. So, a long time ago.  So you can imagine my delight when I  started to see them all over Pinterest recently. I can't wait to wear them with all my dresses this season! 

I especially love that they are flats.  That way they don't come off too sexy and are super comfy at the same time.  Perfect for the chilly weather we have moving in here in Vancouver!

Xo, Andrea



Shirt - H&M Jeans - American Eagle Sunnies - Raybans Bag - Spring shoes Shoes - Gojane.com

So you may or may not have noticed my absence.  
I have a reason this time, a good one.  

If you follow my on instagram (aandreaclare) you might know that I had been going through a series of interviews periodically over the last few months.  Well after about 6 hours of interview time, I finally got the word that I snagged one of the spots in the Operating Room training program at my hospital! 

I actually found out a few weeks ago, but am a little superstitious about things and wasn't ready to share it until I had been to the first meeting, had my textbooks in hand and had received my acceptance letter in the mail.  I didn't even tell my closest friends! Only the boyfriend, mom and sister knew for a while there. 

So I attended the much anticipated meet and greet a few weeks ago and have officially started studying this past week.  I have honestly really missed school, so I have thoroughly enjoyed diving back into my textbooks.  I find biology and pathophysiology so thrilling! Hence, my absence.  

Currently all my school is online and I am still working full-time.  Come January, I will be leaving my current position and attending school full time for 5 months with the hopes of passing the course and starting a full-time position in the operating room! So Exciting! I am going to do doing my best to keep up with the blog but truth be told, a lot of my spare time will likely be consumed with books.  

So stay tuned if you want to follow along on my new adventure! I hope you do :)

Thank you for reading!!

Xo, Andrea
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