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So you may or may not have noticed my absence.  
I have a reason this time, a good one.  

If you follow my on instagram (aandreaclare) you might know that I had been going through a series of interviews periodically over the last few months.  Well after about 6 hours of interview time, I finally got the word that I snagged one of the spots in the Operating Room training program at my hospital! 

I actually found out a few weeks ago, but am a little superstitious about things and wasn't ready to share it until I had been to the first meeting, had my textbooks in hand and had received my acceptance letter in the mail.  I didn't even tell my closest friends! Only the boyfriend, mom and sister knew for a while there. 

So I attended the much anticipated meet and greet a few weeks ago and have officially started studying this past week.  I have honestly really missed school, so I have thoroughly enjoyed diving back into my textbooks.  I find biology and pathophysiology so thrilling! Hence, my absence.  

Currently all my school is online and I am still working full-time.  Come January, I will be leaving my current position and attending school full time for 5 months with the hopes of passing the course and starting a full-time position in the operating room! So Exciting! I am going to do doing my best to keep up with the blog but truth be told, a lot of my spare time will likely be consumed with books.  

So stay tuned if you want to follow along on my new adventure! I hope you do :)

Thank you for reading!!

Xo, Andrea


  1. your baseball shirt is so cool.
    love that sporty look,it suits you well

  2. good luck in the OR, girl.
    you always look so cute in all of your outfits.

  3. Congrats on your new position and i love the outfit, your ray bans are amazing!!!



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