Top - Old
Short - Vintage 
Shoes - Faux birks
Watch - Nixon
Rings - random shops in Mexico

This weekend was my first weekend free of school work since January!  Truly free to do whatEVER I wanted, all weekend! We took full advantage by getting reacquainted with our bikes (we haven't touched them since we moved in January!) and headed out to kits beach with a few drinks in our backpack (it wasn't coffee in that Starbucks cup ;) ).  Once the sun set, we went to a favourite nearby restaurant for a bite to eat. Biking home in the warm weather really got me excited for the adventures to come this summer! Today (Sunday), I'll be spending the day catching up on cleaning the apartment, visiting the family and possibly some vintage shopping! A weekend well spent in my books.

XO, Andrea

P.S I joked with Ken that I should hashtag these pictures #bringingbacktheblog! Yay for the return of blog and summer fun! And to more drinks in boots! I love those things! ----->


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  1. I love the top! It looks very cute with the shorts♥



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