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Overalls - Vintage (Shop my favourites down below)
Shoes - Birks
Sunnies - Forever21 - no longer available - love THESE
Bralette - Forever21

Overalls are one of those pieces that make life easy.  Much like a dress, you can just throw it on and BAM - instant outfit.  I fell in love with this one when I spotted it at Value Village over the summer.  I'd never seen corduroy overalls that had this low cut front and cute little pockets in the front.  Certainly a one of a kind vintage fine.  

I've sought out a few options from around the web that I love just as much.  I Especially love THESE high waisted flared ones for fall. They make the perfect sexy, retro outfit. You know, if your the type of person that can kind overalls sexy, haha.

Xo, Andrea
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  1. Yay! Another Vancouver blogger. I love your style! So glad I stumbled upon your blog :) I was hunting for the perfect overalls all summer..sadly haven't found any yet. Maybe I'll have more luck next year!

    x Jacquelyn


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