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Indian Saree
Indian Saree
Indian Saree
Indian Saree
Indian Saree

Shawl - Vintage (Part of a Indian Saree)
Skirt - Old
T-Shirt - Brandy Melville
Boots - Spring Shoes (last year)
Sunglasses - Raybans

This shawl I scored as a bit of a 2 for 1.  It also came with a skirt as the other half of the saree.  Usually when things come as a set, I like one piece and not the other.  This time I really loved both pieces and went home feeling like the best vintage shopper ever! I'm sure you'll be seeing the skirt in a post in the near future, it's gorgeous!!!

This is actually one of two sarees that I own.  They are just so beautiful, intricate and interesting! My local vintage shop if full of them because of the population in my area so I always make sure to check out that section when I visit the shop.  I'd highly recommend taking a peek into sections of vintage shops that you might not think to look at.  The international and even the mens sections are two spots I always make sure to poke around in.

Xo, Andrea


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