Dress - Forever21
Top - Vintage (Similar idea HEREHERE, HERE)
Watch - REALLY old (love THIS one, and THIS one)
Shoes - Spring shoes (Also love these, and THESE)
Sunglasses - Raybans

I couldn't be happier about these long summer days.  It is literally still light out when I go to bed at night (I go to bed at about 9pm because I have to be up at the crack of dawn).  Especially because my new work hours have me off by 3 in the afternoon, I feel like I have so much day left when I leave the hospital. Half the time I have a hard time deciding what I should do with the remainder of the day.  So many options! Really, I should be going straight to the gym but often I end up walking to the grocery store for a candy fix and watching bad reality T.V all evening. 

Xo, Andrea




The freshest strawberries from a little market nearby

An evening bike ride and picnic on the seawall

Hooked on McDonalds Iced Coffee (made with vanilla sweetener and no cream) YUM!

Have been wearing this gold collar and tiger necklace non-stop recently

Sushi dinner from our favourite spot in Vancouver - The Eatery

Perfect Peonies from the boyfriend for our 8 year anniversary this month…They've since died, but I've left them out anyways - they are still so pretty even all shrivelled up!

Our anniversary dinner night out at Maenam - We wanted to try something new and we were glad we did! We discovered neither of us are fans of mussels…But the rest was finger lickin' good!

After dinner drinks at The Keg in Yaletown. I had a cucumber mojito and he had his usual, an old fashioned. The purse is a new purchase from Aldo

Wore my new Neoprene skirt from Forever 21 for Karaoke night in Whiterock with our boys

A typical weekend breakfast 

Laughing until your stomach hurts and mascara is running down your face

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Xo, Andrea




Trousers - Vintage (similar options here, here, here)
Top - Forever 21 (old) (Similar here, here)
Watch - Nixon
Shoes - Payless Shoes (similar ones here, here, here)
Sunglasses - Raybans

I must say, these high waist pleated trousers might not be the most flattering thing on me, but I sure do love them.  The boyfriend actually liked them too (typically he isn't my biggest fan when it comes to my fashion choices).  The wedge heel and boxy crop top were a must for these pants to work.  Without the wedge, I literally look about 3 feet tall and the boxy, oversized fit of the top help to balance out my curves of my lower half.  Not everyones taste, but I liked it :)


Xo, Andrea



Pants - Vintage (similar ones here, here, here)
Crop top - Forever 21
Shoes - Aldo (love these, these and these)
Purse - Vintage (similar here and here)
Sunglasses - Raybans
Necklaces - Forever21

Whenever I plan to eat far too much, I always make sure to plan my outfit around a pair of pants that are ultra stretchy and food baby friendly.  These pants fit the bill perfectly.  They are high waisted (something I'm always drawn to) and they expand to any waist size! A must for any pig-out night!

Xo, Andrea




Skirt  - Vintage (Similar options here, here, here)
Bralette - Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Shoes - Aldo - on sale!
Purse - Vintage (similar here, herehere, here)
Sunglasses - Raybans

Last weekend the boyfriend and I took advantage of the warm evening weather by heading to a nearby park on our bikes.  It was perfect.  We stopped to pick up a few drinks on the way, found a cozy spot in the grass, and enjoyed a few Strongbows as the sun went down (in plastic cups so we wouldn't get in trouble!)   We were lucky enough to spot a few shooting stars (and a satellite, haha) which isn't always easy to do with all the city lights around. I hope to have many more evening like this one this summer.

Xo, Andrea




Shorts - Forever21
Shoes - Aldo
Sunglasses - Raybans
Necklace - Aldo (old - Options here and here)
Beer - Tiger - It was a delicious light lager :)

I apologize for the picture overload.  We had some fun taking a few extra pictures while we were enjoying a drink as the sunset over the water and couldn't help including a few of them.  

Onto the outfit.  I absolutely love the fabric that this top is made of.  It flows behind me like a cape as I walk and just creates so much interest and movement in the outfit.  It is also one of the most comfortable shirts I own.  Thrown over my One Teaspoon dupe shorts, you have the perfect easy breezy outfit.  Can't be beat.

XO, Andrea

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