a women sits on the bumper on the car, waiting to go  skiing

2 mountains in 1 week. We sure are making good use of our time back home. It feels like we have been on the go non stop since we landed last Friday.  

On Christmas, we had a full day of hopping between my moms house and Ken's parents house, making sure we lots of time with both families. We hit the hay relatively early on Christmas and were up early again on boxing day to head down to my family cabin in the States. Our little 'home away from home' is located at the base of Mount Baker, so we planned to get down early enough to ski that day.  It took us no time at all to get to the cabin, so we quickly changed into our snow gear and hoped back in the car to drive up the mountain. 

snowy cabin scene
a women skiing poses for picture at top of mountain

By noon, we were gliding through the snow and earning our apres ski treats.  I'm still very new to skiing, so in just a few hours, my legs were exhausted. 
how to wear a beanie
chair lift at mount baker in washington
two skiers take a selfie on the chair lift
snowmobile snow scene
huge icicles on the side of a lodge in washington
chicken burger and beer on green serving tray

Once my legs had officially given out (they were shaking like crazy by the time we were called it quits), we stopped in one of the lodges for a crispy chicken sandwich, fries and a beer.  I ate most of it because I was pretty han-gry. Ken would rather give me most of the meal than deal with a hungry Andi.

winter scene in washington

Later in the evening, when we had returned to our cabin, two of our good friends joined us for the night. We sat around the fire enjoying a few beers and tossing snowballs for the puppy.

cozy outfit view from the top wearing ugg boots in the snow
how to stay warm in cold weather

The next morning, we were delighted to see it had started snowing! And it didn't stop all day! These photos were taken pretty early in the day, so the roads and trees were completely covered by mid-afternoon. It's a camping winter wonderland!

beautiful winter scene at the ten
how to style a red and blue plaid shirt

I bundled up in Ken's old flannel shirt and my old EMU boots to keep me warm on our walks through the snow.  I also layered my underarmer and another long sleeve shirt under the flannel - it was bloody cold!

The boys headed back up the mountain for another day on the slopes, but us girls opted for a quiet day around the grounds.  We took their pup for a long walk in the snow which was doggy heaven for her. 

how to style ugg boots

Later in the evening we headed out to a local bar to meet up with the boys.  Unfortunately, the snow had gotten so bad by then, that our car got stuck in the snow! Thankfully, two men passing by saw us blondies stuck in the snow and offered to tow us out with their truck. In the end we didn't meet up with the boys and ended up just heading back to the cabin. 

how to look cute while camping in cold weather

All in all, a pretty awesome weekend in the snow.  This morning we will be heading back to the city to get back on track after all the holiday madness. 

Ps. I'm going to be filming a Q&A video on my youtube channel soon.  So, if you have any questions for me, or are curious about something, leave me a comment and I'll add it to my list :)

Xo, Andrea



how to style an all black outfit

Coat - H&M - Similar faux fur coat 
Jeans - Levis - similar ripped jeans
Boots - Forever21 - Similar flat black ankle booties

Sometimes an all black outfit is all I want to wear. However, when you snag a massive bunch of pink roses at the market for £2 - you add a little pink to your all black outfit. I threw them into my shopping bag and let them poke out the top and they felt almost like an accessory to my outfit! 

a women wearing an all black outfit and faux fur coat stands near portobello market with pink roses
how to add colour to a boring outfit
the best faux fur coat

I can't get enough of this faux fur coat (last seen here). I have another faux fur coat in a taupe/grey colour that I love just as much. Even though they are faux fur, they still keep me super warm and cozy. Unfortunately,  I had to leave them both in London during our visit home to Vancouver because I wanted to save as much space in my suitcase as possible.  I knew I was going to need the extra space for shopping while I'm home since shopping is much less expensive than shopping in London. 

flower shopping at portobello market in london

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! My jet lag has finally caught up with me, so I'm staying cozy on the couch for the afternoon.

Xo, Andrea



a blonde women in a grey winter sweater in whistler british columbia

Sweater - Joe Fresh (old - last seen here) - Love this knit option
Skirt - Forever21
Coat - NewLook
Scarf - River Island

As you can probably tell, I'm not in London anymore! Ken and I flew home to Vancouver on Friday, caught some Z's at my mom's house and then hit the road again first thing in the morning to head to Whistler for a get together with friends. It was just a one night stay, short and sweet. 

a winter wonderland in whistler canada, a women wearing a trendy neutral outfit in the snow

On Saturday, we were both jet lagged and were wide awake at about 3am.  We forced ourselves to lay in bed and sleep a little longer before our alarm went off a few hours later. We hit the road before sunrise and arrived in Whistler in a few hours. Ken enjoyed a full day on the slopes with the boys and I wandered around the village with the gals. 

We had amazing luck with a unheard of massive dump of snow just before we arrived (as well as another 8 inches overnight - we had fun digging the car out the next day...), which made Ken a very happy guy. Ken took full advantage and ended up snowboarding both days. He was so sore the next day he could hardly dress himself.  But it's all worth it. I'm sure he'd be back on the mountain again today if he could.

a picturesque winter scene photo from whistler canada
a women throws a snowball at the camera while in a winter white out in canada
how to dress in cold weather and still look cute

About mid-day we met up with the boys for a little apres ski fun and drinks.  We car pooled to a local bar called Dusty's, not far from where we were staying.  The music was loud and the beer and tequila were flowing! Once everyone got a few drinks in their belly, we headed back to the cabin for a glorious meal of stewed lamb and risotto. Everyone pitched in to get dinner together, each of us responsible for a part. We were so happy with our decision to stay in for dinner, rather than eating out.  Nothing screams the holidays like cooking a big meal with the people you love! So we turned up the music, poured the drinks and everyone got chopping, stirring, and mixing to prep dinner.

a women twirls in the falling snow in a beautiful cabin complex in whistler BC as the snow falls around her
light a fluffy snow in whistler bc, snowball photography, snowball in hands
how to wear layers and still look cute
how to wear an oversized scarf and layer with warm clothing
a blonde women models how to style over a beige over sized scarf standing in the snow
a women with loose curls and cozy knitwear stands infront of a snowy view from her balcony

The cabin we were staying in was incredible.  It was a 'ski in ski out' mansion in a winter wonderland. A snow sport lovers dream. We had amazing views of the trees that fill Whistler, completely covered in snow, from almost anywhere you stand in the house.  A massive wood burning fireplace and a couch for 10 meant a few naps throughout our stay were a must. 

a warm fireplace and incredible high ceilings in a whistler cabin in creekside
a white christmas scene in Canada
how to decorate a table setting for christmas
beautiful whistler property and interior decor in cabin

If you happen to be visiting Vancouver, I would certainly recommend a quick trip to Whistler, even for just a day.  From downtown Vancouver, it's only about a 1.5 hours drive along a picturesque highway that run along the edge of the water. The mountain is amazing for skiing and if you don't ski or snowboard, there is plenty to do in the village as well. Coffee shops, bars, shopping - it has it all! It's also beautiful during the summer, so don't count it out if your here during that time. 

Xo, Andrea



holiday pyjamas in red

Flannel Pyjama Set - Primark 
Mug - Waitrose
Planner - BloggerPlanner

Once mid-november hits - the Christmas movies are on repeat day and night.  It drives Ken completely mental. He has to sit with his headphones on to drown out all the Christmas music.  He really thinks I'm a little coo-koo, haha. I actually asked him what I should call this post and he said "you should call it 'You're going to think I'm crazy". Ah, boys. He just doesn't appreciate my movies.

getting ready for the holidays in warm fuzzy flannel PJ in bed

Evening time is one of my favourite parts about the holidays. There is nothing better than changing into my red flannel pj's on the couch and starting up a classic Christmas movie. It genuinely makes me SO happy.  At the moment I've got 5 go-to movies that have been my favourites for years now. The Santa Clause, Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Litterally, once one is finished, the next one begins. It's not unheard of for me to make it through all of them a few times in one day. I usually let them play in the background during the day, while I get other things done. But in the evening, I get cozy on the couch with some baileys.

the ultimate blogger planner, simplistic
blonde women cozy in red and green PJ's with a cup of hot coffee

These flannel Pj's might be one of my favourite things I've purchased since moving to London.  I got them at Primark for £8.  They are certainly my most warn item.  More often than I'd like to admit, my morning routine consists of showering, doing my makeup and hair and changing back into my pj's. In my defence, it's usually just top I put back on. They just make me feel so festive and happy! I want to wear them all the time!

my favourite PJ set from primark
a blogger sitting in bed, sipping coffee during the holidays
the ultimate inexpensive cozy flannel pyjama set

This Christmas mug is another thing that makes me very happy. I found it at our local grocery store a few weeks ago. It's a little on the small side for a mug, but it was too cute to leave at the store.

the best gift for her

Slippers. A must for me. All year long. My hands and feet are ice cubes so I have to wear slippers when I'm at home. If I don't,  and the flat has a bit of a chill, it'll take me hours to warm my feet back up. I usually end up running hot water on them until a little life returns, haha.

a women sitting on a bed in oversized sleep wear for christmas

What are your favourite Christmas movies? Are you a crazy Christmas Lady like me? I'd love Christmas movie recommendations, there is always room for more on the Christmas movie roll call.

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Xo, Andrea



romantic blush tones roses in london

Blouse - Vintage (similar Striped blouse here)
Skirt - Zara - Similar denim skirt here)
Coat - Vintage D&G - Love this alternative from ASOS
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Forever21 - sold out - Similar Chloe Drew look-a-like 

(watch our VLOG on my youtube channel that goes along with this day)

Not long after I arrived in London, Ken knew he had to take me to see to Columbia Flower Market. To be fair, he kind of got me over excited about the whole thing by telling me about all the rows of amazing flowers that were dirt cheap. I'm sure I was looking at him like a kid hearing a story about a candy factory while he was telling me about this market- wide eyed and practically foaming at the mouth for these flowers.  

how to style a denim skirt, button up skirt, blue jean skirt
a fun day a brick land in london with pretty pink flowers, a girl walking through a quite london street on shoreditch
how to style a preppy outfit in the fall, 70's outfit
a women stands in a quaint london street, wearing a bow neck stripe top and denim skirt with neutral colour trench coat
red white and blue stripes, classic preppy outfit in the winter
a women stands in front of pretty street sign in london, wearing a light blue denim skirt with buttons from Zara
how to style a classic beige trench coat, how to add layers to an outfit

Well, I'll tell you - it's certainly worth a visit. As MAD as it was (I mean, shoulder to shoulder, everyone screaming prices and flowers being thrown everywhere!), there was a lot of amazing florals to be had.  I only ended up getting this one bunch at the end of the market because I panicked and couldn't make a decision. Ken offered to make another run through all the people to look for a second bunch, but we opted to make our way toward some beer and food instead.

delicious cabbage salad a souvalaki  chicken skewers from Brick lane food trucks in london
sweet pastries from Brick Lane market in london

We ended up picking up some delicious food from the Brick Lane market, which is just a few minutes walk from the Columbia Flower market. We weaved our way through the people and eventually hopped back on the tube back to our end of town. It was a pretty perfect day in our new city!

Don't forget to check out our vlog on my youtube channel to see the whole day in action, and subscribe to my channel because I don't post all my videos here on my blog, so you might miss something! 

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