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Coat - Vintage (Similar ones linked below)
Top - old
Shoes - Spring Shoes
Purse - Aldo 

It's starting. Friends are getting married and experiencing baby fever. Which seems crazy because I feel like we are still in high school but fact of the matter is, we're getting old, haha.

This was the outfit I wore to the lucky couples engagement party last month.  I actually found it quite difficult to put together an outfit that I felt was appropriate for a "grown up" party but was still my style. After many wardrobe changes, this is what I came up with.

In case you didn't already know, I attempted vlogging over the holidays while my boyfriend was in town visiting from London. If you're curious to see what we got up to over the holidays (or want to see how weird I am) watch my VLOG playlist HERE.

I've also done a few lookbooks recently, which you can see HERE

Xo, Andrea


  1. UGH I know the feeling! Baby fever hasn't completely kicked in within my circle of friends, but the weddings sure have. I'm pretty sure I'm still like, 17 though! hah

    Loving what you did end up coming up with for your outfit. Chic, trendy and definitely engagement party appropriate!

    Something About That

  2. so nice.. ;-))


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