Vancouver fashion week
(Photo via Streetscout)
graphic tee
Vancouver fashion week
(Fell in love with the pant suit in the middle - Design by Nasty Habit)

tartan midi skirt
Vancouver fashion week
Vancouver fashion week
(Photo via Streetscout)
fashion blogger
Vancouver fashion week
(Awesome textures on the runway)

Skirt- Vintage
T-shirt - Forever 21
Suspenders - Vintage
Purse - Prada (Love it in Blush as well)
Shoes - Prada

Day one of fashion week has come and gone.  The first night is always so exciting because a ton of people show up and everyone is dressed to the nines.  It's so exciting to see all the funky fashion and trends that people sport.  I have to admit, a lot of it isn't my style but I can certainly appreciate it and be inspired by it. 

On day one I went for the backward suspenders look.  As I was getting ready to walk out the door Ken said "you know you have those on backwards, right?!", haha.  Good on him for being so honest! But yes Ken, I am aware they are backwards...

Stay tuned to see what I wore to fashion week day two...

Xo, Andrea

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