beach waves
belting a sweater
beach waves
down by the river

how to style black and blue

Sweater - Vintage - Love THIS on and THIS one
Jeans - Old - Similar HERE
Boots - Old - Really like THESE and THESE
Belt - Vintage
Sunglasses - Raybans

This outfit is a perfect example of putting multiple style elements together and somehow making it work.  A very busy sweater, an embellished belt, ripped jeans and a graphic tee - all comes together to form an interesting but not over the top outfit (at least in my opinion).  It's also a good example of how to make blue and black work together (a classic fashion faux pas that I don't agree with!). 

I also really like this this outfit because the shape of it is very flattering on my body type.  It's basically an A-line dress in a sweater and jeans format.  Meaning, I'm disguising my hips and accenting the smallest part of my body by adding a cinched belt at the small of my waist.  It all adds up to an ultimate casual outfit for a walk by the river!

I also vlogged the weekend we took these pictures!  If your curious to see us scouting out the spot we took these pictures, watch the vlog here:

Xo, Andrea


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