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classic camel coat
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double zip prada
camel coat
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classic coat

Coat - The Gap (old - Similar HERE and HERE for under $65! THIS pale blue one is perfection!)
Jeans - H&M DIY - Similar HERE
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Aldo (old - similar HERE)
Collared shirt - Forever21

Sometimes I over think outfits.  More often than not, I'll open up my closet, put an outfit together and think it's not interesting enough or it's missing something... or what I like to call "not blog worthy" and proceed to add extra details (like jewellery or afunky pair of shoes) to try to spice up the outfit.  Lately I've really been trying to hold back on adding these extra "things" to outfits and just keep it basic and simple. I find when I keep it simple, it's not only less stressful to get dressed in the morning, but I actually feel much more chic and effortless than when I wear a "planned" outfit!

What is your style process? Do you try on a million outfits before deciding on one? or do you like to keep it basic?

Xo, Andrea


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