I don't often do blog posts dedicated to a single item, but I had to make an exception for this bag.  
If you follow a lot of bloggers, I'm sure you've seen the Chloe drew bag everywhere. It comes in a couple of sizes, a handful of colours, and comes at a designer price. This original Drew sells for nearly $2000. As much as I love designer pieces, I'm not going to buy every purse that happens to be on trend at that moment, although I would if I could :)

Chloe drew dupe

In a quick google search for dupes of the Drew, I found this little beauty from forever 21.  Obviously the details aren't the exact same, but I must say, I was really surprised with the quality of the $25 bag when it arrived in the mail. 

The gold chain they used, isn't a cheap yellow gold and has a nice weight to it.  They even included the D ring loops that attach the strap to the bag. The clasp at the front of the bag is sturdy and well made.  The material the bag is made of is obviously faux leather but it has a nice texture to it, and is thick enough that it doesn't lose its shape or sag.

The size of the bag is a little smaller than I thought it would be. I think it is pretty comparable to the mini size of the Chloe.  Just big enough for a wallet, your phone and a few makeup pieces. 

Forever 21 offers the bag in a few colours including black, tan and this cream colour.  Originally, I had put the black in my shopping cart but made the switch to this cream colour last minute. So glad I did. It's perfect for summer and goes with a lot more outfits than I thought it would. 

All in all, this bag has totally scratched that itch for the beautiful Chloe Drew bag. I think I'll be madly in love with it for another few months (until the next obsession begins) and be thankful I still have the $2000 in my bank account.

Xo, Andrea


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