fall ankle boots
affordable ankle boots
forever21 ankle boots
fall ankle boots

Buy yours HERE from Forever21

If you follow along on snapchat (username : aandreaclare) you saw me hop around town to several different Forever21 stores on the hunt for these little boots.  There is something about the simple and sleek shape that had me at hello. They fit perfectly at the ankle (not too tight, not too loose) which makes them so flattering on the leg, and the slight point in the toe is exactly what I was looking for in a fall boot. 

I actually thought I was looking for something in suede this season, but completely jumped the boat when these bad boys caught my eye. And I must say, I'm more than happy I went with the faux leather look, I've been wearing them with everything!

They really can't be beat for under $50! But if your looking for something a little different, I've linked a few other affordable styles I love from Forever21 here:

I also really love all these options if your looking for something that might last more than a few seasons:

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Xo, Andrea



preppy sweater

Sweater - Forever 21- and a grey option HERE (and a dress version HERE for $17!)
Jeans - H&M + DIY (Similar HERE)

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I really try my best not to sit in my pyjamas on days I don't have to leave the house.  As much as I love my wardrobe and playing dress up, sometimes my pj's seem like the better option.  However, I've found it makes me feel tired, unmotivated and frankly, not myself.  I almost never get anything done when I laze in my cozy flannels all day long and it drives me crazy. 

casual outfit
preppy sweater
preppy sweater
preppy sweater

One easy solution I've found works for me, is to hop in the shower and start getting ready before I do anything else.  Before I check my phone (that's a tough one!), before I get my coffee or eat my breakfast.  Often once I've left my room and head downstairs for my morning coffee without getting ready, it's like I go into some kind of time continuum and before I know it, I've watched The Marilyn Dennis Show, an episode of Say Yes to the Dress and 3 hours of youtube videos.  And yes, still not showered, in my pj's, with a bare face and a top knot. Not the situation I want to be in half way through the day.

v neck sweater
ripped jeans
preppy sweater

So, long story short.  This is one example of an outfit I might throw on quickly in the morning before I have any set plans for the day that might require some outfit planning.  I feel put together but still casual enough that I could run to the grocery store if I needed to. Ready for whatever might come my way!

preppy sweater

Anyone else have this problem of lazy-itis? Haha


Xo, Andrea




So many perfect doorsteps. Ken doesn't want to hear me say "can we take a picture in front of this door?!" ever again.

In the air on my way to London

London tourist
Twirling through the city

big ben
Tourist shot

casual travel outfit
Lunch in Trafalgar Square

london blogger
Newly engaged and celebrating with beer and sugar

london pub
My fiancé chatting up a Londoner
westminster abby
Doors, floors and delicious brunch spots

shoreditch, london
london tourist
Nike for wandering the city
changing of the guards
Waiting for the changing of the guards ceremony to start

big ben

Just a few pictures from our last few days we had in London before I flew home. 

The last leg of the trip was spent wandering around the different areas of London with Ken showing me around the city that I will soon call home! Hard to believe I'm just a few days away from moving to such a cool city! 

Be prepared for ALOT more post here on the blog. I've mention on my snapchat that I've taken a leave of absence from work for one year, and plan to blog full-time while in London.  I'm so excited to finally have the time to really focus on my blog and can't wait for this big adventure to begin!

Follow along on Instagram ( @aandreaclare ) and snapchat ( aandreaclare ) for frequent updates on the big move. I'm also getting into vlogging for my youtube channel, which you can follow HERE

Xo, Andrea



Dress - H&M (love this and this collar option as well)
Shoes - Old Navy (Similar HERE)
Bag - Prada

Finally, FINALLY getting around to posting some of our pictures from Italy. I think it's taken me so long to get them up because part of me has been lazy and the other part is trying to savour all our Italy pictures.  Even though it felt like we did nothing but take pictures the whole time (thank you Ken!), now that we are home, I wish we had taken even more. 

collared dress
fashion blogger
italy sunset

On this particular evening, Ken and I headed home from the beach at a reasonable hour, washed off all the salt and sand before making our way into town.  We weren't all that hungry for dinner when we got there so we wandered around a little bit to take in the view, and of course, snap a few pictures! We somehow ended up at this breathtaking little view point.  Looking out to the ocean was one of the moments when you think "is this real?!" - it looked like a painting in front of us!

italian vacation spot
italian vacation
tropea italyhair ideas
tiny italian streets
tropea italy

This dress was a find from H&M just before I left for the trip.  I fell in love with the little collar and simple stripes. I'm a sucker for stripes, especially lately.  I think I would have preferred something sleeveless because it was seriously humid in Tropea, but I managed to survive the evening without sweating to death! Anything for a cute striped dress!

wine in italy

Also, did you catch my Tropea video diary on my youtube channel? I had a ton of fun putting it together and really love how it turned out. Did you like it? I'd love to hear from you!

Xo, Andrea
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