a girl wanders through italy in a red dress
Dress - Choies (also comes in white)
Sandals - Old Navy - old - Similar options HERE(on sale for $17.50) and HERE
Bag - Prada


a girl wanders through italy in a red dress
A girl wanders through tiny streets of Italy in red dress and Prada purse

Throwing it wayyy back to our trip to Italy (See my previous post from Italy HERE and HERE and HERE). Yup, still hoarding all our pretty pictures from our trip to Tropea. I still have a few more posts left from that trip. I've always had a bit of hoarding type personally (mainly shoes, clothes and candy) but didn't think I'd end up hoarding pictures!

a women walks through Italy in lace red midi dress at sunset with Prada purse
a women walks through tiny streets of old italy with loose blonde curls and red lace dress
bright red roasted chilli with red gingham print store front
lady wanders around small town italy in bright red lace midi dress and loose curls in her hair

I can't say enough good things about this dress from Choies. I knew it would be perfect for this trip as soon as I spotted it on website. I actually loved it so much that I couldn't decide what colour I wanted it in - so I bought it in both red and white! The white I ended up wearing to my engagement party in August and got a ton of compliments on it. However, I think the red is still my favourite. It is the perfect true bright red, not at all dull, which was something I was worried about when I initially ordered it. Being that it's SO inexpensive, I really didn't except the quality and colour to be as good as it is. 

a women admires the beautiful architecture around her in Italy, while wearing a red lace dress for date night
portrait of a women on vacation in Italy, wearing neutral makeup, pink lips and bright red lace dress
beautiful old world architecture in Italy

It's also a perfect shape for any body type because it sits perfectly at the waist. And I love the ankle length, it reminds me of a tea dress and makes me feel Oh so feminine!


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