how to wear the bandana trend, off the shoulder stripe dress on blonde blogger at sunset in front of pink flowers

Dress - Garage (old) - Love THIS and THIS option
Bandana - Vintage
Purse - Prada (see my review on the purse HERE)
Shoes - H&M

Ok, so this outfit is a little out of season. Or maybe a lot out of season.  No way could I be out and about with bare legs and shoulders this far into fall.  We took these pictures quite a while ago, and I almost didn't bother posting them but I figured what the heck! Not everyone is stuck in the freezing cold rain like me, haha! If you're lucky enough to be somewhere lovely and warm, I hope this offers some sort of inspiration :)

girly outfit in london, pretty and simple off the shoulder dress in the streets of notting hill
summer vibes in notting hill, blooming flowers, blush toned flowers, girl wearing casual date night outfit

The bandana trend really took off this summer. And I really embraced it. I ended up buying three of them - black, white and red. I really love the way they spice up any outfit!  And there is so many ways to wear them! I wore them on my purse (which you may have seen on my Instagram HERE), on my wrist, on my neck - endless options.  

Worn with this super simple dress was probably one of my favourite combination. I don't really wear very much jewellery so the bandana kind of acts like jewellery. It makes an already super feminine outfit, even more feminine. 

walking through the old streets of london wearing a simple striped dress for a date, pussy bow neck tie, prada purse and H&M shoes
off the shoulder dress, feminine a line cut outfit, flattering for all body types, natural makeup at sunset, portrait photography

I actually remember picking this dress the day we took these pictures because it is SUPER stretchy.  We were heading to an Indian feast, so I wanted to make sure I was going to have plenty of room for a food baby :)

prada purse in london, happily strolling through the streets of notting hill, beautiful flowers in the background, easy go-to date night outfit, vintage shopping

What are your feelings on the bandana, yay or nay?

Xo, Andrea



  1. nice pics ;-))


    i invite to me too


  2. Looking absolutely stunning! I am not really following any trends but I wanted to style a bandeau for a long time!

    Vicky // The Golden Bun


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