blonde women stands on hotel balcony in paris in beautiful blue lace dress and red shoes

[First off, Ken and I were in Paris 9 days before the attacks.  We couldn't be more thankful that we weren't there during that time. Our hearts go out to those that were. It was a horrendous day that is still hard to believe occurred in a city so beautiful]

Dress - Sheinside (Under $55!) 
Shoes - RiverIsland (Under $60)
Bag - Prada
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Back in October, Ken and I were lucky enough to visit Paris for a weekend. Ken had Friday afternoon off school, so we hoped on the train early enough to to get us to Paris before dinner. On our first night, we strolled around the city with really no objective other than to find some good food and wine. And we did, not far from our hotel. We called it a night pretty early and planned for an early morning the next day. 

blowy light shining between the buildings in paris, photos of paris
pretty balcony picture from a paris hotel

Early morning came, and before the nights fog had time to dissipate, we snapped a few photos from our hotel room balcony before heading out in search of some coffee and breakfast.

red and white striped canopy of a restaurant in the streets of paris, france
how to style red shoes

Of course, I had to get Ken to snap a few photos along the way, including one in front of this blue door that matched my dress.

cathedral entry way in the streets of paris during fall

Saturday was the most beautiful day. In fact, the whole weekend was picture perfect. The light between all the buildings genuinely had me gasping. It took us ages to get around because I was stopping to take pictures nearly every 10 feet. We were incredibly lucky with the mild weather. Kens brother had been in Paris the previous weekend and told us he had spent his weekend in layers of clothes under an umbrella. So for us to have nothing but sunshine and to be comfortable walking around in a light jacket and a dress - lets just say Kens brother was very jealous.

neutral colours of sweets in paris shops
quaint little coffee shops in paris
how to eat like a parisian

Eventually, we found our first coffee of the day. We had a feast of omelettes and croissants, and put our feet up for a little bit.

fun red heart sunglasses worn in paris
how to be parisian
red jam on fresh bread at a restaurant in paris during the fall
a beautiful neutral coloured building in paris with trees in the foreground
a tree made of macaroons in a paris shop
tasting colourful macaroons in the street of paris, wearing an inexpensive blue lace dress

A little later in the day, we made a change in our plans. Initially, we had made a reservation for lunch at a fancy restaurant that over looked the Eiffel tower. But a couple of hours before we were due to be there, we decide to cancel the reservation and just wander to streets to put together a simple picnic. We went to one shop for a bottle of wine, another for some cheese, another for a baguette, and finally, a macaroon shop.  (You can watch us shopping and our entire weekend HERE in our travel diary video)

pretty pink, green and yellow macaroons in paris
falling in love in paris
things you must try in paris
macaroons beautifully packaged and tied with a bow in france
preppy, girly a-line dress made of lace with a crispy white collar
photography of sweet treats, 50mm lens, photos of macaroons

I couldn't wait to taste the treats, so I opened up the box just around the corner from the shop and we shared the vanilla bean macaroon.  And it was heavenly!

Once we had collected all our picnic necessities, we found a cozy spot under the tower and sat for hours sipping the wine and munching on bread, feeling so lucky that this was real life!

gorgeous photo of old world carousel in paris in the fall, lens flare of sun shine
Eiffel tower at sunset
pretty lace dress and peter pan collar
twirling on the street of paris, the best time to visit paris is during the fall
cars driving through a main road in paris during sunset

Once the sun went down, we headed to a tiny french restaurant where we gorged on sablefish and beef stew, and of course, more wine. 

Be sure to watch our travel diary video on my youtube channel - It's both Ken and I's favourite video we have done so far! Click the PLAY symbol below to watch the video :)

Xo, Andrea


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