how to wear a wide brim hat

Sweater - Vintage (Similar option here) - Last seen HERE
Belt - Vintage (Similar here)
Blazer - Dorothy Perkins - no longer available
Denim - Topshop
Boots - Vintage (Similar option here)
Hat - Vintage (similar here) - Last seen here

I was one lucky duck last week. I know everyone says "I never win anything" but I REALLY don't ever win anything! Mind you I rarely enter contests so that it part of the problem. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got an e-mail from the team at Batiste saying I had won tickets to the Amanda Wakeley show at London Fashion Week. I've attended fashion week in Vancouver a few times and it's always such a rush to see the designers blood, sweat and tears come down the runway, but London fashion week is a whole other ball game.

what to wear to fashion week
how to stay warm at fashion week

I won two front row tickets to the show, so I took Ken as my date. I wasn't expecting him to really take it all in, but he did! His comment was "some of it was actually wearable, sometimes I wasn't sure where to look and the girls were way too skinny" haha. Pretty typical responses from a man at a fashion show. But over all, he enjoyed it!

sitting on a notting hill door step
portrait photography
longline navy blue blazer and vintage wide brim hat
london fashion week

In pervious years at Vancouver fashion week, I went for outfits that were a little more wacky and out of my comfort zone (See here, here, here). Looking back now, I wish I hadn't and that I had gone with something more true to my style. So this time around I went for something I would wear on any other day, with the addition of heels. I'm only 5'4, so I needed the extra height around the 6' models.

vintage hat
how to look stylish and be comfortable at fashion week
belted sweater

A hat is always an easy way to elevate your outfit in a pinch. I hardly ever wear hats but I don't know why. I think I'm going to try to incorporate them more often. Plus, I'll be able to wash my hair less often if I have a stylish way to cover up my greasy gym hair :)

fashion blog based in london, notting hill
how to elevate you style

Since this outfit is mainly vintage, I've sourced similar options that you can hop below :)
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how to style a leather skirt

Coat - Vintage (Similar option here - on sale!)
T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - Forever21 (similar here)
Shoes - Converse (last seen here - ages ago!)
Handbag - Prada 
Bandana - Vintage (last seen here)
Makeup - L'oreal Foundation, NYC Bronzer, L'oreal Mascara

Whenever Ken has an afternoon available, I almost always try to get him out to lunch.  Dining out brings two of my favourite things together. Food and people watching.  I'll be the first to admit, I'm a bit of a creeper. I love watching people interactions, movements, conversations. I never get bored of it. Ken finds it rather embarrassing but we've been together for 10 years, so we are far beyond the point where I care if I embarrass him.

window photography and day time light
how to dress up converse sneakers
delicious pulled pork sandwich in soho

On this particular day, we happened to stumble across this little spot while wandering around.  I was pretty hangry (as always) at the time, so it was a game time decision. We grabbed one of the last seats in the house and quickly ordered some food. We both had ooey gooey sandwiches that turned our frowns upside down in no time.

enjoying a day time date out at lunch in soho, london
a spoon full of sugar going into a hot cup of coffee at lunch
foxcroft & Ginger restaurant in soho
prada saffiano double zipper handbag
how to style a bandana necktie
prada and converse in notting hill
how to wear a leather skirt

This coat was a vintage find from many many years ago. I actually didn't wear it very much in Vancouver. The classic shape and pale beige colour is much better suited to London than Vancouver. Sadly, I ruined it in the wash just after we took these photos. Funny, considering I was just talking about Ken's lack of laundering skills in THIS post.

candy coloured houses in notting hll
blogger wandering through the beautiful streets of notting hill, wearing forever21 leather skirt, white converse shoes and prada handbag
worn in white chuck taylor converse sneakers

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how to wear a denim jacket
Sweater - from Ken's closet :)
Denim jacket - Forever21 (Similar option HERE)
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Acne Studios (almost an identical pair for a fraction of the price HERE)
Handbag - Chanel

So many items in this outfit are favourites. The coated denim, the Acne Studio boots, the Chanel  purse. It's all good. The cable knit sweater is a new favourite. Ken recently had to retire it from his wardrobe because he shrunk it in the wash (silly boy). So, I welcomed it with open arms into my wardrobe. His bad fortune (and lack of laundry skills) is my good fortune. It's been perfect for this chilly weather we've been experiencing in London. Thanks, Ken! 

how to wear the acne studio jensen boot
a blonde blogger wearing vintage style denim jacket and cable knit sweater in notting hill at sunset
women with loose messy waved hair wearing coated denim from topshop and Acne Studio boots standing in a small street in notting hill, london

Up until a few days ago, I'd been living in my Acne Studios Jensen boots. Unfortunately, I had to send them back to Net-a-Porter for an exchange because the tip of the toe was wearing away. I can understand wear and tear over time, but in just two weeks, the toe had started to peel away from the sole of the boot. For such a pricy boot, I was pretty surprised to have this happen! Has anyone else experienced this? Luckily, Net-a-Porter was AMAZING, they picked them up from my flat, and I'll have a new pair in hand within a few days. Fingers crossed for better luck with the second pair.

a women holding a waitrose coffee cup with light pink nail polish by barry M
problems with acne studio jensen boots
cute and casual outfit for fall and cold days in london
what to wear in london in the fall

Other than the issue I've had with the toe of the boot, I absolutely love them. They've quickly become my everyday boot that I can't part with. Even being without them for a few days, I find myself thinking "what the heck was I wearing before I had these boots?!"

light denim coat from forever21 and Chanel WOC on blogger andrea clare
how to add layers to an outfit without looking bulky

I know the Acne Studio boots Jensen boots are quite pricy, so I've sourced a few pairs that are VERY similar at a fraction of the price. Shop them by clicking the images below :)

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Simple and classic outfit for date night
Grey coat - Primark (similar long grey coat)
Denim - old (similar fit and style denim)
Turtleneck - Jcrew
Shoes - Prada
Handbag - Chanel

When you haven't got a clue what to wear, this is the equation you use. 

Classic coat + your best jeans + a sexy heel. 

The answer is right every time.

sunset photoshoot in notting hill
classic prada heels
how to style a turtleneck
grey on grey outfit
how to look stylish in one step
classic go-to black stiletto by prada
easy and comfy date night outfit
london fashion week outfits
comfy black stilettos
how to dress up ripped denim

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what to wear when travelling

Boot - Office (Similar options here, here)
Scarf - River island
Sunglasses - Rayban
Handbag - Prada

(Watch the whole weekend in action in our Video Diary HERE)

Back in Demeber, Ken and I were lucky enough to take a quick getaway to Brussels for the weekend. It's so easy to get to from London, we knew we had to make it there at some point. Despite being the WORST traveller (I get motion sick at the drop of a hat), I actually really enjoyed the train to Brussels. It's a beautiful commute from London and would highly recommend the train versus flying.

Although our trip to Brussels was a quick one, I thought I would share a few bit and pieces about where we stayed and dined. It might helpful if your planning a trip to the area sometime soon.

brussels travel guide

Pictures of the main square in Brussels really don't do it justice. It's so hard to get a good photo of the whole thing while preserving the detail and beauty of the square. When we first walking into the square, I genuinely gasped. I think I even caught it on snapchat (username : aandreaclare).  It looks like a painting in front of you. Everything is dipped in gold and has so much character. 

where to drink in brussels
best place to drink in brussels

Le Roy D'espagne was a spot we visited more than we should have. We drank a lot of beer here. It's a very cozy, cabin-like, bar smack dab in the middle of the square. We would sit here watching all the people pass by for hours. They have a pretty good selection of beer (Ken had quite a few of the triples) although I'm sure they are over priced. We didn't eat much here, we used it mainly for drinks between wanderings.

triple beer in belgium
bloggers guide to europe
the best waffle in brussels

If you have a sweet tooth, Dandoy is a spot you must visit. There are a few of them just off the main square, so there is so excuse to miss it.  Ken and I both have sweet teeth and would have no problem having cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner so a waffle at Dandoy was at the top of our list. We ordered classic waffles and gobbled them up pretty quickly (see more of the shop in our video diary HERE).

delcious crispy waffle treats in belgium
what to wear in belgium
how to style rayban aviators

I don't actually have any photos of our hotel because, well, my eyes were closed in all those photos, haha. We stayed at the lovely Royal Windsor Hotel Grand place. It was Kens second time at the hotel, which he didn't actually realize at the time of booking. It's located literally 1 minute walk from the main square so it was incredibly convenient.  The hotel itself is gorgeous and feels very old world and luxurious all at the same time. The only issue we had was that there was a nightclub directly across the street from our bedroom window. Both of us slept terribly both nights because of party-goers screaming and yelling until 5am. So, if you chose to stay in the Royal Windsor, make sure you don't end up with a room along the front of the hotel.

arcitecture in brussels main square during christmas
stella Artois light up sign in europe
best chocolate in brussels

(one of the many chocolate shops just off the main square)

If you wondering where the heck to get the coveted Belgian chocolate in Brussels, you wont have to look far. There are a ton of chocolatiers around every corner and through the tiny side streets. We bought about 5 boxes from Leonidas to bring home to family over Christmas. They are incredibly decadent, melt in your mouth chocolates - and the best part was that they gave us plenty of samples :)

how to layer like a blogger
horse drawn carriage in brussels main square during chistmas
how to stay warm and stylish in cold climates
candy coloured chocolate in belgium
beautiful horse standing in brussels
happy wandering through the small streets of belgium in office over the knee boots and river island over sized scarf
where to eat is brussels

Le Brouette was another small restaurant that we chose at random. Luckily we weren't disappointed. We fuelled up with bread, eggs and all the fixings while sitting fireside.

where to get breakfast in brussels
a weekend in brussels

I know I've mentioned in previous travel posts (see here, here, here, here) Ken and I are very relaxed travellers.  Of course we love to see all the touristy spots, but our favourite part about travelling is just wandering around with no agenda, stopping for a bite to eat here and a drink there.  It's so much more enjoyable when you aren't trying to keep up with a set agenda. 

brussels christmas market

Make sure to watch your short video diary from the weekend to see a lot more of Brussels

(click the video below for it to play) 

Xo, Andrea
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