how to wear thigh high boots

Skirt - ASOS
Sweater - Vintage ( similar grey sweater)
Boots - Office (similar ones here and here)
Handbag - Chanel
Scarf - I stole from Ken ;)

Nothing like a pair of over the knee boots and an A line skirt to make me feel like the ultimate girly girl. Even without any pink or frills in the outfit. Over the knee boots are incredibly flattering so I always feel my best when I'm in them. The A line skirt fits perfectly at the small of my waist and then flares out over the hips - again, VERY flattering.  Often I'll reach for an outfit similar to this for date night.  

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how to wear over the knee boots
how to wear a scarf

Lately I've been all about the grey on grey layers. I've bought another grey scarf, a grey jacket and 2 grey sweater. I don't know how many grey sweaters a girl needs in her closet, but it seems as this girl needs them all.

how to wear thigh high boots
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chanel WOC
twirling in notting hill

What do you feel your best in? Yoga pants, casual outfit, all dolled up or somewhere in the middle of all that (like me)?

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Xo, Andrea


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