how to style a sweater shirt
Sweater - UCL University
Skirt - Forever21
Shoes - River Island
Handbag - Chanel

I know I've mentioned it a few times, but incase you missed it, Ken and I are here in London for him to go back to school.  So naturally, I had to represent my husband-to-be and his adventures in school.  He actually surprised me with the sweater just a few weeks after I made the move to London, and I was more than happy to sport it around town.

how to style my boyfriends closet
portobello market flowers

Walking to Portobello Market it something we do fairly frequently. Our flat is just a few minutes walk away so it would be kind of silly not to.  Usually we reserve it for nice sunny days, but on this particular day we decided to head out into the rain and in search of some fresh flowers and coffee.

beautiful rich coloured flowers from portobello market
cute Black and white outfit
yummy latte and baked treats in london

Gail's bakery is one of the more popular bakeries on Portobello Road. It's right on the main strip, so a lot of people stop there for a caffeine top up. Not to mention the finger-lickin baked goods.  I also love their avocado toast (see a post on that HERE), which I've ordered over and over again.

window seat in london
the best red lace up shoes from river island
delicious caramel scone and huge latte at tails bakery
red wall and red shoes in london, matchy matchy outfit
yummy treats on portobello market

Ken and I both have a MAJOR sweet tooth so it takes everything in us not to pick up a truck load of sweets and treats on Saturdays at the market. They have the most amazing drool worthy selections of not just donuts and sugary goodies but also fresh fruit and veggies.

chanel wallet on chain
what to wear on a rainy day

After much contemplation (and Ken threatening to leave me there if I didn't pick something soon), I ended going with these pretty pink flowers from the market. The vendor told me they are called Lazy Roses, which I've never heard of, but I loved them!

pretty pink and blush lazy roses
how to take photos in the rain
non traditionally flower vases

We got caught in the rain again on the way home, so we rush back and got these pretties into a vase.  And when I say vase, I mean a coffee canteen that we use as a vase.  It works perfectly for our weekly blooms. 

light pink and blush toned lazy roses

Xo, Andrea


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