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Sweater - Vintage (Similar option here) - Last seen HERE
Belt - Vintage (Similar here)
Blazer - Dorothy Perkins - no longer available
Denim - Topshop
Boots - Vintage (Similar option here)
Hat - Vintage (similar here) - Last seen here

I was one lucky duck last week. I know everyone says "I never win anything" but I REALLY don't ever win anything! Mind you I rarely enter contests so that it part of the problem. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got an e-mail from the team at Batiste saying I had won tickets to the Amanda Wakeley show at London Fashion Week. I've attended fashion week in Vancouver a few times and it's always such a rush to see the designers blood, sweat and tears come down the runway, but London fashion week is a whole other ball game.

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I won two front row tickets to the show, so I took Ken as my date. I wasn't expecting him to really take it all in, but he did! His comment was "some of it was actually wearable, sometimes I wasn't sure where to look and the girls were way too skinny" haha. Pretty typical responses from a man at a fashion show. But over all, he enjoyed it!

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longline navy blue blazer and vintage wide brim hat
london fashion week

In pervious years at Vancouver fashion week, I went for outfits that were a little more wacky and out of my comfort zone (See here, here, here). Looking back now, I wish I hadn't and that I had gone with something more true to my style. So this time around I went for something I would wear on any other day, with the addition of heels. I'm only 5'4, so I needed the extra height around the 6' models.

vintage hat
how to look stylish and be comfortable at fashion week
belted sweater

A hat is always an easy way to elevate your outfit in a pinch. I hardly ever wear hats but I don't know why. I think I'm going to try to incorporate them more often. Plus, I'll be able to wash my hair less often if I have a stylish way to cover up my greasy gym hair :)

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Since this outfit is mainly vintage, I've sourced similar options that you can hop below :)
We also, vlogged the whole day and our experience so make sure you subscribed to my Youtube channel HERE so you don't miss that, along with lots of other fashion and beauty related videos :)

Xo, Andrea

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