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I've been into this blue couch thing since Claire Marshall made the jump a few years ago. I love the statement it makes when you walk in a room. A coloured couch is certainly an eye catcher! 

Now that Ken and I are nearing the end of our wild adventure in London, and will be heading back to Vancouver before too long (more about that in my Q&A HERE), you better believe I'm already dreaming about what our next place will look like. Even though our Notting Hill flat isn't exactly my taste (plus we couldn't furnish it because it came furnished),  it's hard to imagine a Vancouver apartment that will top it. But what girl doesn't get excited about decorating a new apartment?! I sure do. In a dream world, I would love to invest in a beautiful blue couch (or a blush pink one!) or even scout out a vintage one, but I have a feeling Ken will vito the idea pretty quickly. For now, I'm doing my best to hunt down the most convincing photos on Pinterest hoping to get him to see blue.

(this one is more grey, but has navy undertones)

I'm trying my best not to get my heart set on a blue couch until we actually pick an apartment to move into. Vancouver has everything from box like apartments to heritage homes to run down holes. to beautiful loft style flats. At the moment, we are hoping to find something with some character, possibly in a heritage building, but we are keeping an opened mind since we will be looking at the end of the summer and most of the good places will be gone.  A blue couch would be perfect in a heritage home. I can just imagine tall ceilings, white walls, jewel toned accents and a blue couch!  

I really shouldn't be day dreaming about this because I have feeling we will end up in a cookie cutter place, but I just can't help myself! But at the end of the day, we are renting, not buying, so we could always move again in a year if we don't end up with a place we love. 

What do you think? Do you love or hate the coloured couch idea?

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For all the nosey Nancy's (like me!) out there, I'm finally answering your questions! I apologize it took me so long to get it together, but at last, it is here! I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

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blonde wearing floppy sunhat on the beach throwing sand at the camera

It's hard to believe that we sent a whole week as beach bums in Mallorca. I could easily spend 2 weeks on a beautiful beach, but Ken tends to get antsy after just a few days. But Mallorca was different. 

About two days before we were due to catch our flight home, we looked at each other and I said "I love it here, I don't want to leave!" Ken didn't want to leave either, so we decided we were going to ditch our flight and make plans to explore more of the island. You'll see more of that in coming posts. It was definitely a good decision.
a women wearing a vintage denim cutoff skirt standing under a hut on the a beach in spain
a beautiful beach just outside of palma, mallorca, spain

The sand on this beach was like powder. It felt so good between my toes. The water doesnt look it best in this post because it was overcast at the time, but I promise the water was a perfect shade of blue and was crystal clear. You can get a better idea of how magical it was in THIS post.

beach photoshoot
what to wear to the beach
powder sand in spain
a blonde women wearing aviators posing under hut in mallorca spain

This vintage denim cutoff skirt has got to be one of my favourite vintage finds in a long time. As much as I love my Levi cutoff shorts, they just aren't very flattering on my body shape. I tend to carry my weight in my legs, so daisy duke short shorts just don't do it for me. However, a denim skirt with  a slight A-line shape to it (but still has all the awesome details of a pair of vintage Levi's) it right up my street. I picked mine up at local vintage shop for next to nothing, but I recently saw the EXACT same thing being sold at Urban Outfitters.  The skirt version is so much more flattering on most body types that I feel like everyone should trade in their short shorts for the skirt version.

pretty blue water on the coast of mallorca, spain
how to wear an oversized mens shirt
the perfect summer hat from H&M
foot steps in the sand in spain

I'm starting to feel a little more organised after all the travel madness, and managed to get a few new videos up on my youtube channel. You can see those HERE and please subscribe for more!

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summer outfit in barcelona, spain

Top - Zara
Skirt - old - Similar here, here, here
Handbag - Mango
Shoes - Next

Hello from Barcelona! We actually flew back home to London last night. I had intended to post these photos while away but just never got around to it. We fully embraced the spanish life style by getting to bed VERY late and sleeping in even later.  Which was very weird for me because I'm usually half asleep on the couch by 9pm and awake pretty early in the morning. But from the first night we were in Barcelona, we fell into the late nights. It'll probably take me a few days to get back into our usual routine here in London. Even though it's only a 1 hour time difference, it still seems to effect me. I feel like a zombie today. Is this real life?!

girly outfit in barcelona
what to wear in barcelona
looking up at beautiful buildings in barcelona spain
denim skirt and off the shoulder outfit

As I've mentioned in several posts before, Ken and I like to travel with no particular plans in mind.  When we booked this trip, we really had no idea about the city and didn't have any particular landmarks or sights we wanted to see.  We just wanted to wander around, eat some tasty food and drink some good wine.

bicycle leaning against a wall in barcelona
how to style a denim skirt oufit
the beautiful streets of barcelona

Our first full day in Barcelona, we did managed to get up at a reasonable hour and get our butts in gear. We made sure to pack some workout gear because we always feel like crap when we get home from these little getaways.  So we laced up our running shoes and hit the streets for a run. We actually found it to be a really great way to see the city. You can cover double the distance in the same amount of time! The first portion of the run was through the small streets (which would have been very difficult had we done it on the Friday or Saturday - the streets were packed!) and the second half was along the boardwalk on the beach. Once we were fully exhausted, we stopped at little spot on the beach and inhaled a fruit cup and a green juice. The remainder of the day was spent getting lost in the city aimlessly.

best roof top views in barcelona
drinking a mojito while looking out across barcelona at sunset

Scouting out a great rooftop bar was one thing we wanted to do while in Barcelona. We are always on the hunt for a good cocktail and a great view. After a little research, we had decided on a hotel called Ohla Hotel.  The view looks straight over the city and had an infinity pool along a portion of the hotel with a beautiful patio to enjoy a cocktail (or two ;)) It looked pretty dreamy. Sadly, we were turned away when we got there because the rooftop bar service doesn't start until June. The staff were quick to redirect us to another local spot just down the street called H10 Cubik. It didn't have a beautiful pool, but the view was pretty dang nice.

as the sunsets in spain
the best roof top bar in barcelona
mojito and sangria at h10 cubik

We waited for the sun to set with our Mojito and sangria and chit chatted about this crazy travel life we are living.  It's still hard to believe sometimes that this is real life!

feminine outfit for cocktail hour
barcelona cocktails

Later in the night we made our way to a late dinner at a spot called Mosquito. It isn't a traditional spanish restaurant but it was finger lickin' good. They serve tapa style asian food and dim sum. We thought it sounded like an interesting concept, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Turns out it was the second best meal we had while away. I'll pat ourselves on the back for that pick!

I still have a handful of posts from our trip to Mallorca, but I thought I'd share something a bit more recent for today. I hope you don't mind the hopping around Spain!

Xo, Andrea



It feels a little funny sharing our Scotland diaries considering where we are at the moment. We landed in Barcelona late last night! The sun is shining, the skies are clear! It's glorious! Anyways, this short video is from our trip to Scotland a few months ago. We spent one night in Edinburgh before hopping on a train to Glen Eagles, a beautiful resort just north of Edinburgh that is well known for its golf courses. It was one of those bucket list places we had to see, so we squeezed in a two night visit before catching a train back to Edinburgh. I'll be honest, it wasn't a cheap few days. The resort its self is dream and SO worth the money if you choose to go. But we went all out with spa days, falconry school and clay pigeon shooting - to name a few! It was a blast! Highly recommended.

The video gives a short recap of the trip - it was one to remember!

If Scotland doesn't interest you, be sure to check out our travel diaries from Italy, Paris and Brussels!

Xo, Andrea

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mallorca spain sunset

Hat - H&M
Top -Forever21 (old) - Similar here, here, I love the dress versions here, here, here
Skirt - Forever21 (old) - Similar here, I love this longer version
Sandals - Old Navy (similar here, here, here)

I have to apologize. You're going to get really sick of seeing this hat and these sandals in all our posts from Mallorca. I had no idea how much I loved hats (and how useful they really are!) until I bought this one for this trip. I ended up wearing it almost every day and night while we were away. So naturally, it ended up in most blog photos. We were travelling carry on only (or at least tried to - we had to check our bags on one flight because they were over height, ugh!) so I had limited space for extras like shoes and hats.  I had to recycle things alot. So, I apologize if you get bored of looking at them, haha!
spanish sunset

I mentioned a few posts back that we stayed in an Air b&b during our stay just outside of Palma, Spain. The apartment itself was nothing to write home about. In fact it was a little run down. The view was what made our hearts skip a beat.  We were like kids in a candy store full of excitement when we actually arrived at the apartment and were even more gitty the next morning when we woke up to chirping birds and the sound of crashing waves below us.  There is nothing like waking to the sound of the ocean. We slept like babies while we were there.

mallorca holiday and floppy hat
holiday outfit ideas
where to stay in spain
how to wear stripes

During the day we had been sun bathing on the beach all afternoon. And by sun bath in the sun I mean, drench ourselves in sunscreen (Ken gets an extra dose and re-dosed after each dip in the ocean - in case you don't know - he is very ginger and fair, as you can see here).  Anways, apparently I had spent a few too many hours in the sun because I ended up with my first heat rash of the season. Sensitive skin problems. It happens every year. Always after my first lay out in the sun I break out in tiny inchy bumps. It was all over my arms and legs and was itchy as hell. I don't find much helps, other than slathering myself with aloe. So, long story short, I was glad to have this long sleeve top with me to cover all the red, irritated skin. If anyone has any suggestions for heat rash, please let me know!!!

where to go on holiday
along the water edge
golden hour photography

Just below our apartment was a little footpath that leads to this giant boulders next to the water.  The stone steps that walk down to the water were stunning.  It makes me wonder how long they have been there, how did they get there, who put them or carved them there? I wish we had asked around a little bit. Now we will never know...

using texture in photography
the ocean crashing into the rocks
sitting on the dock of the bay
where to go in spain

I could stop and stare out at the oceans for hours. I wish so badly I didn't suffer from motion sickness because I would love to spend time on a boat or just floating around in the water. Unfortunately, sitting next to the water and listening to the waves crash below me will be as close as I can get without feeling nauseous.

feminine travel outfit
beautiful rock formation in Palma spain

In case you missed it, please check out my lookbook video I posted the other day. You can view it HERE

Stay tuned for a lot more spanish posts in the near future! Also, I'll be in Bath this weekend for a Hen party (that's a bachelorette party to those that aren't English!). It should be fun (maybe too much?) so follow along on snapchat! My name is aandreaclare :)  See you there!

Xo, Andrea
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