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Plaid shirt - From Ken's old collection of plaid shirts :)
Short - DIY from Ken's closet
Shoes - Keds
Sunglasses - Raybans

September 18th. The day this world became a littler weirder. 

I know everyone says it, but I really don't feel my age. Both Ken and I are very young at heart and still feel about 20 years old. I don't think that's something that will change anytime soon. I can just image us at 90 years old pranking one another in our wheel chairs, haha. But to us, that's sounds pretty dang awesome.

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boyfriend plaid shirt

Since my birthday fell on the Sunday after the wedding (read post from the wedding weekend here, here, here), we didn't plan anything too crazy. Truth be told, it was the day after one of Ken's good work friends weddings, so we had a feeling we'd be feeling pretty sluggish and dehydrated from all the celebratory drinks and late night dancing. However, we were pleasantly surprised to have woken up feeling pretty damn good! We took advantage of our lack of hangover and decided to make good use of the day - it was my birthday after all! 

over sized denim shirt
sunshine coast canada

We made our way down the the strip in Gibson's to get a look at the water and to find some grub. Since Gibson's is such tiny area, we ended up running into a handful of the other surviving guests and made a lunch date of it. Ken and I had some tasty fish tacos and chilli lime shrimp - nothing like fresh seafood by the sea. YUM!

black coffee and cappuccino
fashion blogger sipping morning coffee

With full bellies, the group separated, said our goodbyes, and we headed from a cup of joe (we were feeling good considering the night we had before - but a good strong coffee was certainly in order). While having coffee, we realized we had a good few hours to spend before the rain would set in again. A few days earlier we spit balled the idea of heading out to a ranch for a trail ride, but didn't book anything because we weren't really sure how energetic we were going to be feeling. So we made the last minute call to the farm and we were please to hear they could take us right away! So we guzzled our coffee, headed home to change into long pants and boots, and head over to the farm!

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trail rides canada

I grew up riding (mostly english, but western is always fun too), so getting to hop on a beautiful horse for the afternoon was heaven. Is funny how some days just seamlessly fall into place. It really makes me question my type A behaviour of constantly trying to plan every detail of every day. 

It was a very happy birthday indeed.

western horse
pretty pony

This guys name is Snowy. He is 20 years old and is the sweetest of horses. He even gave kisses when he got treats. I think he knew I had a soft spot for him because he would nudge me so hard he nearly knocked me over - trying to get me to give him more treats! haha. I think he was saying "hey lady, I know you like me, gimme that apple! NOW!"

red plaid with a white horse
cute pig and pear apples on a farm

Gibsons sure had a lot to offer. We loved getting away from the city for a few days to take in all the fresh air. From London to Vancouver to farm life - all within one month! We sure are lucky to be living this life!

Xo, Andrea




cabin chic outfit ideas
Boots - old - Similar Here also LOVE the red version Here
Shorts - Ken's old jeans I cut up ;)
Sweater - Nasty Gal - Similar option here, here
Hat - Old vintage find

I still can't believe the luck we had with the sunshine over the weekend in Gibson's (See our float plane journey there HERE). I mean, it's called the Sunshine Coast but lets be honest, we are still in Canada or Rain-couver. Especially because we were attending an outdoor wedding on the Saturday, we were a little sad to see a forecast of nothing but pouring rain all weekend.  

gumboot style
how to style a hat for fall

The morning of the wedding, we thought there was no way this outdoor wedding was going to happen. It rained more over night than it had in a very long time and all I could do was imagine their beautiful farm setting completely flooded. But not long before we were to leave our cabin for the ceremony, the clouds started to part. Everyone gathered near the barn where the "I do's" were to take place, huddling under the awning, hiding from the slight sprinkle that was still coming down. I kid you not, within about 1 minute of the bride entering the barn, it stopped. AND not only that, but the sun peeked out from behind the clouds at the exact same moment they began their vows. I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden we had beautiful sun shine and it was directly on the bride and groom! That's got to be good luck, right?!?

I don't think we saw another drop of rain all day. It was perfect.

exploring beautiful british columbia
what to wear when visiting canada

Ok, so I know we are out in the forest, but I just can't help putting together an outdoor chic outfit. Even if we were just going for a walk and to grab a bite of lunch. You can't beat a simple sweater, denim cutoff and gumboot outfit. Even Ken liked this outfit! He thought the boots were pretty darn cute. 

what to wear this fall

This sweater was actually another vintage find from my last minute thrift pick up I spoke about in my  last POST. It's by Nasty Gal, which is a brand I've known about for ages but never bought anything from. I initially thought it was meant to be worn the other way around - with the V in the front... Maybe it is mean to be warn in the front, but I much prefer it in the back. Who knows. With the V in the back, it's still cute and playful, but doesn't show all the goods ;)

how to style an over sized sweater
in the woods cute outfit
glamping outfit
walking through the woods of beautiful british columbia canada
hunter boots in blue

I apologize if I've been over doing it with the vintage finds - I know it can be a little frustrating seeing items on a blog and not be able to buy the same thing.  But the truth is, my blog is about what I REALLY wear. I'm a vintage addict and I love a good buy, so more often than not, one or more of the items I'm wearing are vintage finds.  Anyone else out there as vintage crazy as I am?

Xo, Andrea




Red Jacket - Vintage find! Best $12 I ever spent! 
Jeans - Levi's
Sunglasses - Raybans

Well, we certainly aren't in London anymore - that's for sure! Surrounded by greenery, the ocean and the sea salt air - it's never felt so good to be back home in Vancouver. 

As I mentioned in my last post, Ken and I spent last weekend in Gibson's for a co-workers wedding. 

british columbia
what to wear in canada

We went up a day early just to be sure I wouldn't be motion sick from the trek up there and to have a little extra time to explore the area. We had a rental car service pick us up from the harbour and we headed straight to our Air B&B that we rented just a couple minutes walk from the waters edge. We took a few moments to get ourselves acquainted with the place we would call home for a few nights, unpacked our bags and headed out the door. Weather network has us a little nervous with reports of pouring rain all weekend so we wanted to make sure we used our rain-free moments wisely.

sunshine coast canada

We got lost a few times, but we eventually made it down to this little spot along the water. We were the only ones there. Not a sole in sight. It really makes you take a deep breath and realize how good life is. I grew up camping, getting dirty in the mud and wandering the trails of Canada, so I felt like kid again being here on the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We spent some time flipping rocks "searching for crabs" (haha) and discovering little creatures among the rocks. Nothing clears your head and lungs like a big deep breath of fresh sea air.

best places in canada
looking out to the oceans
beautiful places the see in canada
photography canon 70d
simple hiking outfit

This jacket has got to be the score of the season. A day before we left for this trip, I spent an afternoon at our local thrift store because we STILL have not received all our boxes we shipped via boat from London. Fortunately, I did pack some of my winter gear with me in my suitcase, but most of it is still on the boat. So I topped up my closet with a few sweaters and this coat until the rest of my stuff arrives. Normally I would always gravitate towards neutral colours, especially for outerwear, but the bright red caught my eye. I had several random people comment on it (and that's saying a lot considering there aren't a ton of people in Gibson's - haha!)

adventure in canada

It wasn't long before the rain started. We headed back up the trail and in the woods (with our fingers crossed we wouldn't run into a bear!)

proud canadian

We made it back to our cabin with literally seconds to spare before it started to really pour. The weather gods were really on our side over the weekend - thank goodness!

Xo, Andrea



british columbia canada
red puffer jacket in float plane

It's wild the amount of guilt you feel as a blogger when you disappear for weeks at a time! Getting a new post up has been weighing on me for what seems like forever! But here we are - back at it! 

At least I have a good excuse for the lack of blogging...we moved back to Vancouver!!! Hard to believe I've been off work from the hospital for a whole year now. I'm shaking in my boots thinking about walking back in those doors in just a few days. But aside from the physical move, scouting an apartment, starting the decorating process, get settled and exploring our new area - we've been busy spending time with family and friends we haven't seen much over the last year while away in London. Even though I'm still not back at work, I feel like a busy bee! So, in short, I apologize for the lengthly break from the blog, I really hope a few of you have hung around! I have a TON of posts from our travels before we left London.  As well as plenty of content going up on my youtube channel.

canada harbour air float planes
travelling canada

This past weekend was my second to last weekend off work. We were lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful wedding over on the Sunshine Coast of Vancouver, in a tiny spot called Gibson's. I hadn't been to the area since I was a kid and was more than thrilled to head over to watch the two love birds say their I do's. The only problem was that I get terribly sea sick on the ferry, which is a 45 minute ride from the mainland.  I had many bad memories of losing my lunch as a kid on that ferry, so I wasn't too keen to get back on that ship of sickness. 

float planes in canada
travel tips for canada

In the initial stages of planning, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to attend the wedding. Simply because I had no way to get there without being sick the entire time! Driving wasn't an option either (it would have taken about 7 hours or something crazy).  We dove into a little research and found a company, called Harbour Air, that does daily float plane rides to areas all over the island and sunshine coast. I still wasn't sure how my stomach was going to handle it, but I was certain that it would be better than the ferry. 

what to see in vancouver canada
best way to see vancouver

So we went for it and I am SO glad we did. It was a stunning 20 minute trip from take off to touch down. We hit the jackpot with the weather both ways as well. With a forecast of rain on the way out and thunderstorms on the way back, we weren't sure we were going to have the best experiences, but sun decided to give us one heck of a show - both ways! And to top it all off, I didn't get sick! No motion sick bag needed here! PHEW! 

Have you ever taken a float plane? What was your experience? 

If you ever visit BC, I would highly recommend doing a tour via float plane. We really do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and there is no better way to see it than from up above :)

Xo, Andrea

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