Flashback to the family cabin again today. One of the many outfits we shot while I was down there for a little stay-cation. You can see a few of my other posts from my mini vacation here, here and here.



Ken and I have been doing our best to take the time to explore our own backyard a little more. Canada has so much to offer and yet we have seen waayyyyyy more of Europe than we have our own country. It's madness! So when we were invited to a family wedding in Banff, Alberta I got going on organizing shift trades right away. We were hoping to make it about a 3 day trip but unfortunately, I was only able to trade off one shift and Ken had to be back in town for Monday.



We are in full Fall swing here now! So naturally, I sit in front of a camera and show you what I've been buying this Fall so far. Doesn't everyone do that? no? Haha. I hope you enjoy!

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Xo, Andrea



Whoa, it's been a while! My poor little blog has been neglected! Haha My head has been boggled down with a few things that I have found it SO hard to be productive in any aspect of my life! Plus I've been working late at work and picking up some over time, which didn't leave me with a ton of time to blog. But anyways, here we are today! I'm sharing a few things I've accumulated lately from decor, fashion and skin care! I hope you enjoy :)

This pink suede jacket has actually sent to me from Shein.com this past week. I couldn't wait to wear it! I love it! It's the perfect blush pink, super comfy and inexpensive ($31!)! I got mine in a size medium because I wanted it slightly over sized so I could layer sweater under it. It's certainly starting to get chilly here in Vancouver so the more layers the better! You can buy this jacket HERE - it also comes in a few other colours like Grey, Forest Green, Khaki and Mustard Yellow.

I couldn't help myself! I had to get the little white pumpkins everyone has! They were only $2 each from our local grocery store so it's not like they break the bank. I love the way they look on the corner of our coffee table. I placed one onto of our marble box to add some height and dimension to the table. It feels like a little collection of colourless things I love on our table :) It makes me so happy! It's the small things :)

So I accidentally killed our palm plant we had in the corner of our living room, which meant another trip to Ikea for a replacement. I've never been any good at keep plants alive. I either kill them from over watering or under watering. Can't get it right. Anyways, I never did find a replacement palm, but I did walk out with these pretty hanging plants. I added one here on our bar cart and one on our bookshelf.

I recently picked up this Clarins Multi Active Yeux and have been getting good use out of it. In the tube is a gel formula that is suppose to target fine lines and then the tip is made of metal that you apply to your under eyes to help with puffiness. I haven't used it enough to say that I can see a noticeable difference but I certainly enjoy using it! I leave it on my coffee table to remind myself to use it and i find it very relaxing to use throughout the day. Plus the pretty colour looks nice on top of my book and note pad :)

As I mentioned above, I killed our palm that once lived in this corner. RIP poor palm. And I failed at finding a replacement I loved as much as the first one, so I took the silk plant from our bedroom as a stand in. The room looked so blank and empty without some tall greenery in the corner. But that left the bedroom with the same problem so I took the plant from our dining room to the bedroom and actually liked the empty space it left in the dining room. So although our palm has passed on, our other plants have new homes that work better for them :)

Xo, Andrea



Happy Monday! I've got a super exciting post today that involves a giveaway! A big one! I love taking part in these giveaways because not only do you guys get an awesome prize but you also discover a bunch of new bloggers to follow! It's great! I really should do these more often - haha! Anyways, entering is super easy, just follow the rafflecopter below! You have until November 14th to complete your entries and good luck!

Xo, Andrea



It's got to be the simplest of outfits, but I figured I'd share what I'm wearing today anyways. As Ken likes to me tell me, I'm an over sharer! 



It's that time of year. Time to fill the closets with new cozy sweaters to get us through another chilly Fall season! As much as I am a summer girl, I do love the changing on the seasons here is Vancouver and the excuse to shop for new warm layers.

Today I'm sharing a few favourites of from my own collection and the how I styled them over the past year or so. I hope it brings you some form of inspiration or at least gets you a little excited for the season ahead!

Still to date, this is my favourite sweater. It was actually a rather pricey sweater that Ken had bought himself and accidentally shrunk within a few weeks of owning it. His lose is my gain! I was thrilled to inherit this beauty! It made of a super heavy wool material, fits slightly over sized and is the perfect creamy off white colour. This sweater alone has got me all bitty for fall.

 I found a few similar options here from Lyst.com, all from a variety of retailers at different price points. In particular I love this one, this one and this one

This sweater was one of my go-to's last season and I have a feeling it will be again this year. The colour of it is SO flattering and it's incredibly comfortable. It was also a bargain buy from Forever21 which doesn't hurt. But I think I most often reached for it because it is both warm and light weight which made it really easy to layer with. It slides easily under most of my coats. The more layers the better in my books!

So you don't want to wear the same old boring knit sweaters. Keep an eye out for something with an interesting detail! Wether it's a bow, an open back, ties at the wrist - something with a tiny detail can really amp up your outfit to the next level. This one I found at a thrift shop but is originally from FreePeople. The best part about it is that it can be worn both with the V in the front or the back. Most of the time I prefer it in the back because I don't really have the bust to support a deep plunging V neck in the front :)

These 70's tones are going to carry into fall - full stop. I find myself more and more drawn to brown tones and especially mixed cream, black and browns like in this sweater. It screams the 70's decade for me.  And I love it :) Who ever said we can't mix black and brown?!

This option is very similar to the first cable knit, with the addition of some colour. I'm still all about the pastel colours and the mixing of blues like in this outfit. I really love it paired over mini denim skirt. It feel very pretty, girly and put together. On extra chilly days, I'll add a crispy white button up shirt for some added warmth on top. 

There we go, 5 of my favourite sweaters for fall and how I like to style them! I hope you enjoyed this post! Please do let me know which is your favourite!

Xo, Andrea



Back today with another post from my short stay-cation that I spent at my family cabin. You can see the first two posts here and here.

Doubling up on denim has got to be one of my favourite ways to wear it. Either you love it or you hate it. Personally, both Ken and I love a good double denim look. Plus it makes me feel like a proud Canadian. It kind of feels like I'm wearing our Canadian Flag, haha. 

What are your thoughts - love or hate the double denim?

You can see another double denim look I styled HERE from when we were living in London!

Xo, Andrea




colour of the season

T-shirt - Ardenes
Skirt - Forever21 (similar here, here)
Handbag - Gucci (similar here, here, here, here)
Sunglasses - Forever21
Sandals - Aldo


I've heard a few times now that this bright red is going to be the colour of the season which I am super excited about. I have always loved red, but it's one of those colours I rarely buy because it feels like such a bold statement. More often than not I buy things in neutral colours. But I am thrilled red is making a huge come back. Especially in outfits like this one that feels very retro and 70's inspired. I'm all about the bright red, yellows, flared jeans and alien like sunglasses.

gucci original crossbody bag
retro red outfit
how to style white sunglasses

Now that it's starting to cool down, I can't wait to bust out my bright red sweater, red skirt and red shoes. I might even invest in a red coat! Who is this person? I'm embracing all the colour!


how to wear red
how to style gucci handbag

This colour trend has made my most recent designer purchase feel even more exciting. I purchased this Original Gucci cross body several months ago and although when I bought it, I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it because of all the graphic detail and red stripe, I have proven myself completely wrong! It just seems to go with everything! Other than my Prada Saffiano, it has be one of my best purchases to date.

70's trend
how to style the 70's trend
brown original gucci red stripe handbag
simple outfit ideas
fuji xt20 sample shots
colour of the season

Xo, Andrea
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