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I'm about as type A as they come. I love order, lists, routine, schedules, being on time! I'm not built for a hectic, crazy life of unknowns! But that's the life we are currently living. Don't get me wrong, I'm insanely lucky to have the life I do, but that doesn't mean it isn't stressful at times. 

Rewind a few weeks back, when we were getting ready for Ken to head back to London to finish up the last little bit of his Masters. We were just starting to make way with the wedding planning, I was about to start a very intensive cardiac program at work - all this as we were winding down to the last few days together before he took off. Although we knew all along that he was going to return to London without me, it still felt unbelievably difficult to do as we got close to take off time. We were both secretly thinking "I wish he didn't have to go" and "I wish I didn't have to leave her", but both kept our mouths shut to not make it any harder on one another. To make the situation worse, we were hit with an e-mail that stated Ken was to be in London a few weeks earlier than we had planned. That's where we hit our breaking point. Although it was only a few weeks difference, we knew we couldn't do it. Especially as I was about to start a very demanding program and only months before our wedding! 

It was kind of a romantic moment, realizing that we genuinely couldn't be apart that long. It felt like a real life Notebook scene. We talked a lot that night about what makes him leaving this time so different from the last time (we were long distance for about a year, before I moved to London to be with him), and realized it all came down to now being engaged. It's not just a pretty ring on your finger. We have both agreed to commit our lives to one another - the rest of our time on this planet - will be spent together.  And although we have been together for 11 years, something changed the day he got down on one knee. For the better. I can honestly say we are more in love today than we ever have been.

vancouver engagement session

But that was that, he wasn't going to leave. Final decision. 24 hours before he was set to leave, we cancelled all plans.  PHEW. I was more than relieved. I was beside myself before we made the final decision. I was distracted at work, unmotivated, couldn't eat and was just sad!

Ken is totally NOT type A. Opposites attract, just as they say. So not even 2 weeks after we made this huge life decision, Ken was onto the next adventure. Jumping into real estate. He had been passively looking at places and investment properties for sometime now, but we just so happened to fall in love with one place this past weekend. So we went from Ken leaving the country, to Ken staying home, to putting in an offer on an apartment in Vancouver. Turns out, the deal didn't go through (we just found out a couple of hours ago) but I know all was meant to be in the end.  But boy, does this guy like to keep me on my toes! Secretly I think he likes to keep our lives constantly hectic just to watch me squirm and stress out! Haha!

pale blonde hair with loose romantic waves

So in a one year period, we have moved from London to Vancouver, settled in a new apartment, decided that Ken wouldn't return to London to finish school (for now, it will happen in the future), almost bought our first piece of real estate, I am preparing to start a new training program at work, and are potentially moving back to London (together!) in the near future- all while planning our wedding. My god, I don't know how I'm still standing.

My hopes for the coming year is that we find a place to call home and we can settle down! Although with Ken by my side, I'm not so sure that will happen. But at the end of the day, it makes life exciting! And although all this stressed me right out, I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Xo, Andrea

I would love to hear about your crazy lives! Leave me a message below!




pink wedding shoes on tulle
[all images via Pinterest]

I'm sure many of you already know this based on most of what you see here on the blog and on my Instagram. But surprise, surprise! Ken and I have gone with a neutral toned wedding! I know it's probably pretty obvious, but there it is - I said it out loud so now it's official - haha.

Having said that, there are a few places we will be adding small bits of colour. And when I say small bits of colour, I mean more neutrals, just a little less neutral than beige and ivory :) 

Blush pinks, soft greys and dusty blues will be the small accents throughout the wedding. One place I really want to add this beautiful soft pink, is in my wedding shoes. I know most people won't be able to see them most of the time, but I think they will look great in 'getting ready' photos and while I'm dancing the night away. There is something so romantic about the colour. I don't find it over ally girly or offensive either. Your shoes are the perfect place to inject a little colour to a wedding. I really love emerald tones and tiffany blue shoes as well, but I think I would get more wear out of a nude or blush toned shoe post-wedding. 

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I hope this post brought you a little inspiration, or sparked something exciting within you!

Happy Sunday!

Xo, Andrea



sheinside sweater

I'm going really old school on the blog today. Sharing a good old fashion outfit of the day. No fancy camera, pretty background or golden hour lighting. Personally, I find myself missing the good ol' days of simple blogs.  Just everyday people sharing things they love. I often find myself not posting for weeks because I haven't got the perfect outfit, we don't have time to take nice pictures - the excuses never end. So,  I'm going to do my best to let go of the idea of the "perfect post" and getting back to the roots of blogging  - just sharing what I want, when I want - even if it's not perfect :)

So here we go! This is the outfit I wore today! I snapped a few photos in our bedroom just before I left the house to run some errands. Truth be told, I'm a little hungover today - haha! Not too badly - just a little dehydrated and craving bad foods. But we had a blast out at dinner last night, so it's all worth it.

gucci princetown shoes

I'm kind of obsessed with these Gucci Princetown dupes.  I mentioned them in my latest HAUL VIDEO, as well as on my Instagram and people have gone gaga for them. And so have I! They come in a TON of colours and styles too. A few of my favourites are these, these and these. You can shop all the options HERE.

simple casual outfit blogger
weekend wear from andreaclare

The sweater is also from the same website. The colours on it was actually what drew me to it. It has a bit of a 70's vibe, which I'm kind of loving right now. 

The jeans are also a recent purchase from H&M. I got mine in a size four, but I would recommend possibly sizing down. I've only worn mine 2 or 3 times and they are really giving out at the waist.

H&M denim jeans
prada saffiano luxury handbag

As much as I love my new Gucci handbag (see the unboxing video HERE), I still gravitate to this beauty more often than not. My Prada Saffiano Double Zip. She's just so easy to wear and I never have to worry about bumping it or any wear and tear.

iphone blogpost
simple feminine weekend outfit

I hope this casual style blog post is something you like as well! I will still have plenty of posts that are taken on our big camera with more effort put into the scenery and what not, but I thought getting something up is better than nothing. Am I right?

Have a great weekend!

Xo, Andrea




grey ikea pinterest living rom


I still (4 months later) get gitty when I walk in the door to our new apartment. I can't believe how lucky we were to find this place just a few days after we moved back from London. It was one of those things that really felt meant to be. Everything fell into place. I've taken a good long time decorating it (and am still passively working on it) but I've finally got it %95 of the way there. We recently hung a few photos on the wall behind the couch and it has made all the difference to the feel of the room. Not only does it bring a smile to face to see a few of our engagement photos on the wall, but it also makes the room feel much more cozy and bigger!

Aside from the living area, there are a few other bits and pieces in our place that make my heart happy.

heritage building in vancouver with marble floors and persian carpet


I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud when we viewed the apartment and I laid eyes on this marble floor in the bathroom. It feels like we have a sliver of our London flat here in Vancouver. The persian carpet also adds a cool, casual look that I love. It was a craiglist find that cost me a whopping $30.

heritage building and french doors


Nothing says charming more loudly that an apartment full of french doors. The building we live in has done an amazing job maintaining the integrity of the building.  When something breaks, they do their best to replace it with something very similar, even if it doesn't work as well as a new fancy one, which I absolutely love. For example, almost none of the doors in the place actually latch and shut. After years and years of repainting, things just don't line up anymore.

how to style a bookshelf


When we first moved in, we had nothing. Literally all we kept from our last Vancouver apartment (we didn't ship any furniture from London), was an old bench and a few carpets. And since this new place is about double the size of anything we've ever lived in, I wasn't really sure how the heck we were gonna fill the space. But I did know I wanted something simple and inexpensive. These shelves from Ikea were the perfect solution. I filled it with nicknacks from HomeSense I picked up over the past few months and I really love the end result. Everything I picked is in a muted tone, gold or wooden. I wanted to keep the colours pretty streamlined to ensure it wasn't going to look too messy.

letter from 1949


I don't know why I love this so much, but I do. The pervious tenants actually found this very old envelope stuffed in the back of a closet in the apartment. It's dated Decemeber 8th, 1949, at 11pm, to a single women that lived in the apartment, all those years ago.

how to style a bar cart


I'll have to credit our wedding planners for this one (Smitten Events). We visited their office for a meeting and I fell in love with this brush gold bar cart from Walmart! Yes, Walmart! It's the perfect mid century modern piece and fits perfectly in a corner of our dinning room. It's not totally styled the way I want it, but it works for now. I love the idea of a bar cart in any space really. An office, a dinning room, the living room! It adds a cool, inviting vibe.

how to decorate a bar cart
wet cat picture

I hope you love our new place as much as we do! It's still a work in progress, but that's the fun in it! I think once it's "done" I would start redecorating all over again, haha!

Have a good week!

Xo, Andrea 




I'm back with another Youtube video! I have really been enjoying making and editing these style based videos lately, so I hope you're liking them as well!

This one is a cumulative haul. I searched my closet for all the things that I have bought lately and also highlighted a few trends for the season. My favourite find was probably the Gucci Princetown dupes I found on Shein.com. They have them in all sorts of styles and colours at the moment. You can shop yours HERE :) Get them before they run out of stock! Many colours are already gone!

(click the video below to watch)

Happy Thursday!

Xo, Andrea

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