It's probably pretty obvious that I love to thrift shop. I mean, I can't link half my outfits here on the blog because a lot of what I wear is thrifted. Sorry! I know that's pretty annoying.

I recently made a a few trip to my local shop, and thought I'd share my gems I brought home to my closet! It was a pretty successful trip! 

Xo, Andrea

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casual weekend outfit by blogger

Top - Vintage
Denim - H&M (I also have these ones that I love)
Shoes - Shein.com (Also love these, these, these)

Todays post it kind of an extension of my last post. A vey simple and quick outfit of the day that I wore the day Ken came home from his trip to London and Paris. I hadn't planned on taking these photos when I changed into this outfit, but I thought heck why not! Personally I really love these spontaneous, simple, real life outfit posts. 

how to shop for vintage clothing
how to style stripes
casual weekend date night outfit

I didn't have much on the agenda for the day (other than picking Ken up from the airport, of course!), so I kept it pretty darn simple.  Ken always prefers me in a simple pair of jeans and a classic t-shirt, but as we all know, that's not usually what I'm wearing. Often I'm in a fur coat, funky sunglasses or something else trendy. But Ken is a simple guy, and will always take an outfit like this one over something trendy.

Since I was going to be seeing him for the first time in 8 days, I went with his favourite - basic stripe top and denim look. I had to add a little of my own style in there - so I threw on my Gucci Princetown dupes :)

blonde loose bouncy curls
H&M denim jeans, thrift top, bare minerals makeup

These jeans are so stink in' comfy! They feel like I'm wearing my lululemon leggings. However, they have given out in the waist a TON, so they often slide down my hips. In this case, the belt was actually functional and not a fashion statement. I really need it to keep my pants up! Who knew a belt added more to an outfit than just details to the look!

preppy nautical look by andreaclare

I hope you're enjoying these iPhone shot outfits. I know they aren't anything ground breaking, but that's real life!

Xo, Andrea



sweet welcome home surprise

The day before Ken was to return home from a week away in Europe (it was a business trip, not a for-fun trip), I decided to put together a little welcome home surprise for him. Just to let him know how much I missed him and love him! 

My first thought was the buy a Welcome Home banner to put across the apartment, but that thought quickly changed to putting together something handmade. I know he would have loved the banner too, but there's nothing like a homemade card or banner that has been put together by your loved one, special for you.  

Instead of going out to buy paper and fancy pens, I gathered a few things I had around the house and started doodling! All I had was some plain lined paper I found in Ken's office and a black RSVP pen. But I made it work. I added a little colour by flipping through my old magazines, ripping out a few fun colours and cutting out each heart. It made a mess of paper and small pieces of magazines on the couch, but it was fun! 

making cookies in the kitchen with andreaclare

Once I had the visual part of the surprise down, I moved onto the tasty part. Ken has a massive sugar tooth, and has a serious weak spot for cookies - so chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven were a no brainer. Plus I love eating raw cookie dough, so I got to munch on that while they baked. I added a few of his favourite creme chocolates from Purdy's for an extra sugar kick. 

I once heard on a real estate show that realtors will often put an apple pie or cookies in the oven when people come to view a house to make the house seem more home-y and welcoming. So with the fresh scent of cookies in our home, I was hoping for the same effect. And it worked! He wasn't even two steps in the door before his eyes nearly budged out of his head while he said "ANDI! DID YOU MAKE COOKIES?!?!"

chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip cookies on an all white stove
simple surprises for your loved one

It really is the simple and small things in life. Showing someone you care without even having to say a word has a lot of power. I always tell people that a hand made card goes a lot farther than going to the store to buy one because not only did you have the thought to give them a card, but you took time to make it yourself too! This mostly applies for couples (like on Valentines Day) but I still think in a lot instances, handmade or homemade is always the best.

baking cookies with andreaclare
delicious chocolate chip cookies, food photography
funky boho dining room

The photo above is the view he would have seen as he came around the corner to our dining room. 

Keep in mind the living room is still a bit of a work in progress. The photos on the wall are very temporary. I feel like I have a lot of blank space there to fill, but I haven't found any pictures that I really love.

fun and simple ways to say I love you

He was totally surprised when he came around the corner. He said "awwww so sweet! You even cut out all the hearts!"

I think he definitely felt the love at that moment :) And after a 9.5 hour flight and whirl wind trip through Europe in 8 days, he was more than ready for a tasty homestyle chocolate chip cookie.

eating cookies
engaged couple kisses cheeks
way to surprise your man

The reason I decided to take photos of all of this and let you into our home (and our relationship - kind of!) was because I'm hoping it will encourage some of you to do something small but special for your loved one. A simple love note on their pillow, making heart shaped cookies, coffee in bed - all small but meaningful. 

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that it's easy to take our loved ones for granted and forget how much they really mean to us. But let me tell you, especially when they leave for an extended period of time, it becomes very clear how much you love them. As the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

Xo, Andrea




instagraming in the snow

If you know me in real life, you would know I am one of the most stubborn people in the world. Maybe THE most stubborn person in the world. I'm definitely up there. It's not my favourite quality about myself, but it is what it is. I've been that way since birth, so it probably won't change anytime soon.

Over the years, Ken has figured out how to work his way around this lovely personality trait of mine and some how makes it work. One way he does this is by not forcing me to do anything. He knows it he asks me to do something over and over, the less and less likely I am to do it. I'm super annoying, I know. My friends and family always say "Don't ask her to do it, then maybe she will."

perfect snow day to snowboard
ski fashion
handsome ginger snowboarder

Skiing last weekend was one of those things. I woke up in the morning and just wasn't feeling like driving up the mountain (that made me car sick last time) and skiing all day. I'm a terrible skier (I'm still at the frustrating part of learning), but I do go every so often because Ken loves snowboarding so much.  Anyways, I just wasn't feeling it, and he knew it. So he kept his mount shut, let me hum and haw over breakfast, and come to my own decision about going or not - without feeling like someone was forcing me to go. 

In the end, I knew once I got up there, and got over the motion sickness, I would really enjoy myself. And oh boy did I! Yes, I did have a few good bails - both off the chair lift which is always extra scary. But I brushed myself off and snapped my skies back on for a few more runs. 

instagram in the mountains
handsome ginger snowboarding

Ken and I both always look forward to a good Apres ski. Especially on such a perfectly beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky! We were surrounded with cute dogs, an open fire and nachos - all with the most breathtaking views around us! We were in heaven! It really makes you take a big deep breath in and not take a minute on this earth for granted. Thank god I didn't stay at the cabin that day!

chair lift lens flare
red cat ski
blue skies on mount baker

This one was taken moments before I was taken out by a kid on skies, haha! Boy little guy.

mens snowboard style

We are also on the 6 month count down to the wedding this month! How lucky am I! Marrying this handsome ginger and high school sweetheart of mine in just a few short months!

reasons to visit mount baker

We also vlogged the whole day - from arriving on the mountain to driving back home to Vancouver!

Click the video below to watch :)

Xo, Andrea




camping in the winter

A few weeks ago I said I was going to try to incorporate more of these "casual" posts on the blog. As much as my blog is a fashion/lifestyle blog, I also consider it my online diary. Some of my favourite posts to go back and look at are the ones that have a heart felt story or include candid family photos.  So I'm trying to break away from the cookie cutter "outfit of the day" blog posts and am adding in a little more real life. I hope you like it!

As I've mentioned many times before, my family and I own a little getaway just across the boarder. It's a quick drive from home, but it always feels like a vacation away. Anyways, there was a massive snow storm down there that left our place covered with about 3 feet of snow. Even more than that at the road side because the snow plows had been through and pushed it into huge piles. 

Mom was getting a little anxious about the weight of the snow and what kind of damage it was doing to the roof of our trailer, so Ken and I offered to join on the trip down to help clear some of it away.

engagement in the snow

Initially we offered to go simply because we couldn't stand the thought of my sweet mom trying to clear pounds of snow off her roof that was 12 feet in the air.  We had a TON of things to get done in the city and Ken was gearing up for a business trip to London and Paris in just a couple of days. It wasn't exactly good timing, but we wanted to lend a hand. Plus, I can't pass up an opportunity to visit the family pup, Chico. 

burton snowboarding
red flannel shirt shovelling snow at the cabin

Boy of boy were we glad we made the trip down with mom. The snow was just as bad as we had imaged and it was HEAVY! Just a few minutes into shovelling, we were sweating. Ken spend most of the afternoon in a T-shirt.  Luckily, one of the snow plows saw us struggling and offered to help out. What a life saver! What took him 5 minutes would have taken the three of us HOURS to clear away! In the end I was SO glad we went. We had a ton of fun, a ton of laughs and my mom didn't have to worry about her property.

camp fire

Once we dug our way to through the drive way and toward to trailer, Ken made sure to start up a fire for the little puppy. His little paws were starting to freeze! 

so much snow in washington
handsome puppy
cute puppy eyes

Later in the evening we all cuddled up inside to watch a movie and gobbled up some tasty BBQ dinner. It wasn't long before I was out like a light on the couch. All the fresh air and shovelling had me pooped!

bbq dinner

The following morning Ken convinced me to head up the mountain with him. See more of that to come in the next post!

We also vlogged the whole weekend. I think the video actually come our quite good. I always love watching them back - enjoy!

Xo, Andrea




miracle 10 giveaway

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weekend! I'm super excited about this post today. As I mentioned in my last youtube video, I have always been a drugstore skincare girl but now that I'm getting close to my dirty 30, I'm becoming more and more interested in quality skin care. 

pretty flowers and bathroom
decorating with aesop
simple skincare routineall white bathroom

Miracle 10 recently contacted me offering to send me their skin rejuvenation skincare set and I can't wait to try it over the next few weeks.

The best news is....I'm giving one of these same sets away on my Instagram today! Just for you on Valentines day! So please make sure to head over to my Instagram page ( See it here ) to follow to very simple rules to enter! The winner will be announced on Miracle 10's Instagram (@miracle10skincare) page on Wednesday, the 15th!

I can't wait to find out who wins! We can give it a go together! Good Luck!

pretty all white bathroom

Xo, Andrea



gucci princetown dupes

If you've been keeping up with my latest youtube videos (watch HERE) you would know that I'm a little bit obsessed with these Gucci dupes. I just happened to stumble upon them while browsing shein.com about a month ago and have only grown to love them more. 

As much as I LOVE the real thing, and am all about splurging on good quality, name brand items - these shoes were one of those things that I just couldn't pull the trigger. Yes they are SUPER cool, comfy and work well with most outfits, but they are still very expensive. And given that they are such a trendy piece that I might get bored of in a few months, I just couldn't fork up the cash.

gucci leather and fur loafers

I was over the moon excited when I got these look-a-likes in the mail. I'll be honest, I really didn't think they were going to any sort of decent quality because they are dirt cheap. But I was pleasantly surprised! They are actually really tough, and look JUST like the real thing. Obviously up close, they are far from the real thing, but unless your a real Gucci super fan, I don't think most would know the difference. But having said that, the point wasn't to find something that was an exact replica, I just wanted the trendy loafer look. And that's exactly what I got.

gucci shoes

It probably took me a good hour to decide on which styles I wanted to purchase. I eventually went with the velvet pink with fur and the black faux leather with fur, but I'still dreaming of all the other cool styles they offer. They are all SO cool, plus Ken hates them which makes them that much more desirable, right? Haha :)

Xo, Andrea
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