Vancouver winter outfit
Sweater - Vintage (love this coloured version)
Denim - Topshop
Shoes - Acne Studios (Pebbled version here)

Despite all the warnings from the local weather networks, I don't think anymore really expected this massive blizzard that has started up over the last few days! It started on Friday and kept up over the weekend. If you want a good laugh, google 'Vancouver winter driving' - there were more than a few bad drivers on the road that decided to use the streets as a slip and slide for their cars. Snow tires people, it's still winter! 

I was meant to be heading to my moms house for dinner, as well as to meet up with one of my girl friends later in the evening, but made the decision to just lay low, and keep my car safely parked. It was an easy decision after spending yesterday evening watching cars struggle to get up our street. 

how to style coated denim
gucci marmont WOC in pink
neutral wedding makeup
black white and pink outfit
weekend outfit of the day

Since all our weekend plans had been cancelled due to this beautiful but problematic weather, Ken and I decided to pop by an open house near us. It was a place we had our eye on for a few weeks so it was nice to finally see it in person. In the end, both of us agreed it wasn't a dream home. It would do us just fine as a rental property if we move back to London, but overall, it didn't tickle our fancy. So, the hunt continues. 

We stopped on the way home to snap a few photos before Ken made his way back to work to get a few hours of studying in before I start nagging him about coming home from dinner :) He always prefers to study at the office rather than at home because he says I'm too distracting :)

Although a busy weekend turned into a quiet one, it's probably for the best. With all the changes happening right now, we are almost accustom to running a million miles a minute. So when things slow down, it feels weird. But a quiet night at home with my love sounds pretty dang good right now :)

gucci marmot pink WOC
cozy cabin outfits
snow day outfit
staying stylish in cold weather

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! Wether it was quiet or not. 

What is the weather like where you are? I'd love to know!

Xo, Andrea

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