If you are a blonde, your life is about to change. Mine sure did when I discovered this stuff. I've been addicted to this stuff for ages now, so I thought it was about time to share it. 

Brows and lashes have been something I've struggled with for as long as I can remember. Both my sister and I were blessed with naturally blonde hair (our hair was almost white growing up) but over the years, it has slowly started to darken. For the most part, I only have my hair highlighted about twice a year, just to brighten it up. But for whatever reason, both my eyebrows and my eye lashes have always been VERY light in colour. In fact, my eye lashes are almost transparent without anything on them. I've always hated it because I feel like I look SO different without a stitch of make up on.  At least brunettes wake up with some brows and lashes on - even if they aren't perfectly defined, it's something! 

So, as you can imagine I was so excited when I discovered this product when we were living in London. I bought it for next to nothing in Boots, along with the pro-lash product. But I know you can also buy it online (You can get it here on Amazon).  (Side note : I do also love to lash dye product but because my lashes are also very fine, I don't find it really does anything great for me). 

I know you can obviously just go to a salon and have your brows tinted, micro bladed or tattooed on, but honestly I'm not interested in the price tag of a salon tinting my brows or the pain associated with the other options. What is easier than an at-home, inexpensive solution!? I absolutely love the effect I get with this product, plus it takes me about 5 minutes to do. It last about 6 weeks before I feel like I need a touch up, so it's a no brainer for me.  I've been using the same box for months and months, so I would say each application has cost me less than about .50 cents. 

I will say that if you are SUPER picky about the colour of your brows, you might not be as in love with the product as much as I am. But it is just like hair dye in the fact that you can let it sit as long as you like or a little as you like to achieve the darkness you like. So there is some wiggle room in terms of the colour. On me, the colour has never looked red or warmed toned, which I love. 

All in all, the product has very quickly become a must have, holy grail item. I really can't live without it anymore! It has made getting ready in the morning such a dream! Not to mention that I don't feel like an alien when I wake up in the morning, haha. It would also be great for camping weekends, a day at the pool or anytime you want a waterproof brow! I just feel like you can't go wrong! 

Below is a photo that was taken close to the 5 or 6 week mark, when I was about ready for a touch up.

And here is a photo that was taken the day I tinted my brows at home. Ken is always a little weirded out the day I tint my brow because they are a little bit Hilga. But not to worry, they fade to the perfect shade within a few days. I just don't fill them at all for the few 2-3 days. After that I just fill as needed and become more heavy handed with the filling as the weeks pass.

I hope you enjoyed this quick product love post! I would have loved to have known about this stuff years ago. Ah, the mornings of looking crazy it would have saved me, haha

Xo, Andrea



what to wear in whistler

Now that I'm starting to see everyone post their lovely spring weather posts everywhere, I figured I better get my butt in gear and post a few of my snowy Whistler posts.  It still doesn't feel like spring here is Vancouver. Other than a few hours of sunshine here and there, it has basically has been grey and raining for what seems like months! I'm really hoping all this dreary weather means we will have an awesome summer. 

layering denim jackets
black and blue outfit
styling for cold weather

Seems like the weekend we took these photos was ages ago now! It was a weekend we randomly went up to Whistler for Ken to get an extra day snowboarding. All this terrible weather in the city means awesome days in the mountain, so Ken was itching to get back up there. I'm still working on loving skiing. At this point, I'm more in love with the Apres Ski portion of the day than the actual skiing. 

loreal infallible foundation
beautiful british columbia, Whistler, canada
styling ripped denim

Turns out we chose about the coldest weekend to go. Ken woke up super early in the morning to check the mountain weather report and we were shocked to see it was about -25 up there. That is WAY to cold for me. I think my little toes would fall off. Ken did hum and haw for a few minutes, trying to decide weather it would actually be enjoyable when it's that cold, but in the end, he decided a day in the village was a better option. As you can see, we really had to layer up. I wore my warmest sweater, a denim jacket, my long black coat AND a neck scarf. If you're thinking I look like I'm in pain in some of these photos, it's because I was! The air was so cold, my face literally hurt. My toes, my fingers, my nose - everything! Despite the uncomfortable conditions, Ken still agreed to snap a few quick photos for me :) 

We only lasted a few minutes snapping a few photos before darting to the nearest restaurant for a warm drink and some lunch.

mixing textures and patterns
cold weather outfit ideas

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it's kind of out of season!

Xo, Andrea




I started doing these round up posts back when we were living in London. I'm not sure why I stopped...? I guess because I figured most people that read the blog, likely follow along on Instagram as well. But in actuality, that might not be the case! So, in memory of my blogging days in London, I thought I'd do a quick round up of some of my favourite pictures that I've posted on instagram since we moved back. 

In case you aren't already following along on Instagram, follow along HERE - I feel like there is more happening over there than on the blog most days because it's much easier and quicker to get things edited and posted at the drop of a hat.

pastel colours in paris

[posted when I was a little jealous Ken was in Paris for the weekend]

interior design inspiration

[our home taking shape | Weekend getaway in the mountains]

blush tones shoes, shirts and dresses

[my latest obsession - blush]

pretty pink flowers

[day time coffee date | "Sorry I'm only home for 36 hours in a two week period" flowers.]

vancouver neighbourhoods

[neighbourhood walks]

instagram round up

[before the snow hit | Sundays | Pretty details | my new Gucci Love]

how to look good in the snow

[a weekend in Whistler]

how to style a bookcase

[a favourite green chair in our apartment | Filming my January Favourites video]

morning light

[A morning of french toast before night shifts]

pink blush tones
[words that speak to me | Filming my Thrift Haul video | Afternoon beer flights]

gucci handbags

[Before unboxing my new Gucci purchase | Harbour air view of Vancouver]

Vancouver sunsets

[to get dressed or not | insane sunsets that turn our living room pink]

Xo, Andrea




what to wear to date night

Handbag - Gucci
Sweater - Forever21
Jeans - Trifted (last seen here)
Jacket - Dorathy Perkins (Similar here, here)
Shoes - Sheinside.com (love these and these)

At last! I can wear pink again! 

I can't tell you how excited to I am that these blush tones are so trendy this season. In fact, I think it'l be the colour of the season. Which means we are all going to be looking our best because this soft blush colour looks great on EVERYONE! 

gucci marmont WOC in antiqued rose
trendy colours for spring

For years now, I've felt like I couldn't really wear pink. I've always been SUPER picky about the shade of pink that I would wear because of my hair colour. Whenever I've worn pink, I felt way to barbie/legally blonde. I think hot pink is especially hard for a blonde to pull off. Not my thing. So, just to keep it simple, I've kind of stayed away from it. 

how to dress up denim
downtown vancouver
gucci slip on flats in black with fur

Until this season! The blush tones have been trendy for a little while now, but I've only recently become really obsessed. Something just clicked, and I can't stop buying it! You know I must be obsessed when I make a huge purchase in the said obsessed colour! My Gucci Marmont WOC in antiqued rose has been my little sidekick as of late.

sunset shots
date night outfit ideas
how to style the gucci marmot WOC
gucci marmont handbag in antiqued rose

Are you as obsessed with the soft blush toned pinks as I am?

Xo, Andrea
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