casual date night outfit

Sweater - Shein.com
Jeans - Levis (super old!)
Boots - H&M
iPhone case - Adrenes

Well, it's been raining for what seems like forever. I think we had about 26 days of rain in March. To say I am in need of some serious Vitamin D is an understatement. But all the rain also means Ken and I have a very hard time organizing a time to take outfit photos. We both work full time so we although we might have a few minutes in the evening to get it done, it is usually pouring with rain which means photos are a no go.  So, here we are again, at my bedroom mirror.

army green sweater
simple outfit

This past Saturday was another one of those rainy, grey-all-day times. Ken was at the office all day, and I spent most of the afternoon at home puttering around, but my mid afternoon - I was antsy to get out and about. So I sent Ken a quick text asking him if he'd want to meet up for a drink downtown (he'll never say no to that one) and that was that - I jumped in a cab and headed down. It was absolutely pouring yesterday so I took the opportunity to do a little shopping since the shop weren't as busy as they normally would be on a decent weather day.

simple hair, makeup and outfit
inexpensive outfit ideas
camp green sweater

Ken and I ended up meeting at Chipotle for a little impromptu dinner date. I insisted on a cheap meal because we are currently house hunting and although we haven't made an offer on anything yet, I already feel broke! Haha. We split a chicken bowl and splurged on a few margaritas, which we surprisingly good for a fast food type place!  After dinner we made a quick spot for another beer at a local pub before hitting the hay.

weekend outfit
cute pink iPhone case
simple ootd

All in all, despite the never-ending downpour, it was pretty great Saturday! What did you get up to this weekend?

Xo, Andrea


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