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If there is one piece of advice I can offer about Hawaii, it would be to eat at the food trucks. In doing a littler research before we left on the trip, we quickly found out that this is the best way to fill your belly while in the tropical paradise. 

We were thankful to find that there were TONS of food truck options on the north shore. Especially because a lot of the reviews for the restaurants on our resort weren't great. Almost everyone has said that the food was not only subpar but also very expensive, which it was. We did end up eating on the resort one of the nights, and were pretty disappointed. Plus it was the most expensive meal we had all week!

So, long story short, don't bother with most of the fancy restaurants! The best eats you can get are all over the island! You can get everything from Thai, to acai bowls, to mexican, to american to traditional hawaiian food - all from the trucks! Giovanni's was the very first place we stopped at and were NOT disappointed with out huge plate of fresh shrimp and white rice. Finger lickin good! It was exactly what we were looking for after our journey from Vancouver.

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Only a few minutes drive from Turtle Bay was this outdoor dinning experience that we loved. It was kind of like a huge parking lot with about 6 different food trucks in it.  I think they are permanently stationed there because they all have beautiful seating and decor. Custom made picnic benches, tons of greenery, drapped lighting, candles on the tables. It was so pretty! 

The spot was located about HERE, incase you want to check it out. 

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We loved the casual vibe of this place. We ended up going back about 3 other times. Both for breakfast and dinners.  Each night we were there we hoped across the street to Foodland and grabbed a tasty beer to wash down the meal. The food trucks don't actually sell alcohol but had no problem with us bringing outside drinks in.

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I hope this was helpful and comes in handy for any future travels to Hawaii.

Xo, Andrea


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