Holy smokes I've been MIA over here. The wedding madness is really getting to me. I'm getting SO excited but also VERY nervous.  All at the same time. It's been a roller coaster! Needless to say, it's meant the blog has been put on the back burner. But not to worry, things will certainly pick up again once the wedding has come and gone - which isn't far off now! 

I thought I'd make my return today by sharing the last of my bachelortte party photos from Vegas with you! The previous two posts (here and here) were more about what we did during the days we were there, but this one is outfit heavy. I hope you enjoy it! 

This outfit was what I wore to the pool on the Sunday. I don't have a full shot of the bikini but the bottoms are a super cute high waist cut from Forever21. The skirt is also from Forever21 and was last seen here in our Hawaii posts. I had to add my veil crown for good measure :)

In the evening, we were still feeling a little rough from the big night out, but still managed to get ourselves dressed and outside for a few pictures :)

Unfortunately the dress is super old. It was actually last featured on the blog way back when we were Tropea, Italy! You can see the whole post here. It was one of my favourite posts for a very long time :)

We kept the evening pretty casual with a few beers at a games bar before spending hours wandering around before dinner. 

This is the 'hair of the dog' as they call it.

Can't go anywhere without this one (my bridesmaid) throwing a few bucks in a machine.

We landed at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and it was absolutely delicious! They even came by with this complementary creme brûlée! YUM! Wedding diets just don't happen during a stagette...

These last few shots were actually taken just after we landed back in Vancouver. So this was the outfit I wore on the plane home. I also wore the same outfit on our way to Vegas. I wanted something comfortable but also still a little bridal feeling. The white top and fine detail print of the kimono definitely gave me that casual bridal look I was going for. It was also worked as an extra layer of warmth before we left Vancouver because we hadn't exactly hit summer temperatures at that point. But it was easy to throw in my bag once we landed in smoking hot Vegas :)

The Gucci Bag is a recent purchase and I absolutely love it! I was originally looking at the simple Soho Disco bags but in the end decided to go with something a bit more unique. I wasn't sure if I was going to have trouble pairing it with outfits because of the bright red colour, but it has been surprisingly easy to style! It's a perfect summer bag :)

Xo, Andrea




bridal crown

You'll have to excuse the very poor quality of these photos.  I was doing my best to document the evening, but as you can imagine, the more cocktails I had, the more fuzzy the photos got. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it despite the fuzziness - it kind of helps you see the night through my (also fuzzy) eyes! :)

party ready

After our big afternoon by the pool (see the whole post here), the girls and I headed to our rooms to get washed up for the next big event of the day. As most bachelorette parties do, we had the girls dress in black and I was in all white, along with the sash and "bride to be" crown. 

We had a little pre-party at the room with champagne and a few games, one of which was called "pin the _____ on the hunk" - you can fill in the blank there. It was an adult version of pin the tail on the donkey. And I got it spot on! - for the record.

italian pasta

Since we had a long day of day drinking by the pool and had another long night ahead of us - we decided on a huge italian carb loaded meal. It was all family style and we definitely over ordered, but boy was it good! Exactly what we needed before a night of festivities.

sister love
italian food in vegas

Another little game we played during dinner. Just to spice things up a little bit. It was a little surprising what some of those girls admitted to! Haha When in Vegas!

funder from down under show

The highlight of the night! The Thunder from Down Under Show! What a perfect show for a bachelortte party. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! So full of energy and excitement! I was dying to go back again the next day but we managed to hold off - haha. 

bachelorette party ideas

The gang before heading in - full of excitement! 

bride in vegas
best shows in vegas
strip dance in vega
vegas stagette

One things we really loved about the Thunder From down Under show was that the audience is arranged by tables, rather than in rows of seating. The tables are quite small, but you have enough room to rest your drink AND.....the men join in the audience and dance on the table tops! Yes! Up close and personal! They literally just move your drinks to the side and hop on up!

thunder from down under
table top dancing vegas
thunder vegas

We didn't want the show to end! So we hopped up on stage (with the rest of the screaming gals) for a photo with the guys. While we waited, Alexander (back row, on the left) twirled me around and we had a little salsa dance. He tossed me around like a toy doll! It was amazing! Haha

Andrew (the one whos lap I am on - haha!) was my favourite. We all had our flavour that we liked. I have had this photo out on display since we got home and Ken keeps hiding it on me. He knows it's all in fun and games but prefers not to look directly at it - haha. He keeps says "well maybe Andrew can do that for you" or "wheres Andrew?" "Maybe you should ask Andrew!" Haha I love that he has a sense of humour about it.

As you can imagine, the remainder of the night is pretty blurry. We did get a little video footage that will come in a recap video down the road, but I couldn't find any photos. 

After the show, we ended up at Coyote Ugly, where I danced on stage! We also made it to Hooters, and to a few other places. My shoes were killing me despite all the liquor so, like a classy lady, I ended up barefoot on the strip before we found a small store to buy a pair of flats in. I even wore my comfy heels! But when you are on the move as much as we were, you are bound the end up hobbling. Not my finest moment, but I can blame it on the fact that it was my bachelorette party :) And it makes for fun memories now.

Xo, Andrea 




WARNING! If you are family, you might want to pass on this one! It's definitely not my usual PG rated post :) Read at your own risk!

las vegas bachelorette party

Holy smokes! What a weekend! VEGAS BABY! Last weekend the girls and I had my final hoopla before I walk down the aisle. Initially we were planning for a more low key trip (something more local) but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that you only get ONE bachelorette party! I might as well live it up and experience the real deal. And what better place to do that than in Vegas!? We were super lucky to have the nicest stewardess on our flight in. She noticed I was wearing my "Bride to Be" sash and gave us ALL our drinks for free! We cleared the plane of the champagne and did some damage on their wine selection as well :) Lets just say we were feeling pretty good by the time we landed.

excalibur pool vegas

The two party planners. My sister and maid of honour and Bubbsie, my bridesmaid - heading to find our cabana. Ready for a morning mojito after a late night :)

My mom was lovely and rented us a cabana for the Saturday which was so awesome! Let me tell you, when you are accustom to living in a rainy city most the year, we were roasting in Vegas within a few minutes. We were more than thankful for the ample amounts of shade that the cabana provided us. Plus, with all the liquor flowing from about 10am, it helped us from becoming sun stroked and drunk by mid day.  Since most of what we were drinking was not water, the shade was much needed.

clubmaster rayban sunglasses
DIY bachelortte party decorations

As you can see, the girls did an amazing job with the decor. My sister hand made the banner across the front of the cabana (above), and they even provided me with stagette themed straws (pictured above), as well as phallic shaped drink cups and candies! We definitely got a few strange looks from people.

las vegas bridal party

The bridal party in our sashes - pre drinks and pool.

vegas pool party

We ended up wrangling in 9 of my closest friends to join in on the madness. 2 of which flew in for only 24 hours! They are troopers! I don't know if I could do that myself! Since there were a few that were only in town for a very short time, we made sure to make the most of the day and night! The party really started as soon as the 24-hour crew showed up.

excalibur vegas pool party

Even though there is a huge water smudge in this one, I had to include it. Bubba kills me with her soaked sash and sideways hat - haha!

hen do party ideas
las vegas bachelor party

My sister, the hippie of the family, really wasn't sure she was going to like Vegas. She was more going along with what the rest of the group wanted to do. But turns out, she was the life of the party and loved it! While the rest of us were feeling sluggish from the night before and having trouble getting started with the day, she was sipping on her giant mojito and dancing by herself in the cabana! Who knew a hippie would fit into Vegas so well!

girls in vegas
light pink bikini
pool photo shoot in vegas

Claudia (on the left - and part of the 24 hour crew) was ready to party as soon as her plane landed. I believe her words to us as she approached the cabana were "you b*tches better be drinking! I'm only here for 24 hours!" We hadn't had much to drink when she showed up (most of us needed some food in our bellies first) but she made sure to turn that around real quick! The remainder of the photos are drunken water camera shots from the afternoon :)

DIY party decor
bridal party sash

Gotta get that perfect "jump" shot.

palm tree bikini

I had been trying hard to preserve my sash for the evening by not spilling drinks or getting food on it, but once my sister told me they had bought a back up, I went for it and made it part of my ensemble for the day! It actually survived all the hours in the pool very well!

happy girls in vegas
yummy mojitos in vegas

Bubba gnawing on her naughty straw. She was trying to get it into her giant mojito drink. The pink straw is just so much more fun than the regular one!

pool day in vegas

Make sure to stay tuned for pictures of what we did in the evening. It was a ton of fun! I was dying to go again the next day but I held off - haha!

Xo, Andrea
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