I have really been doing my best NOT to shop lately, but I have had a few slip ups - haha!

Ken and I are going to be on the move again VERY soon (follow on Instagram (@aandreaclare) to see it all happen and our next adventure - I CAN NOT WAIT!) so it's in my best interest not to accumulate more things...but you know....oops. But overall, I think I've doing pretty darn well :) haha Pat myself on the back.

Anyways, I shared almost everything I've bought in the last few months in a recent haul (watch the video below). It's everything from clothing, to skincare to household items, accessories! A bit of everything :) OH and I happened to be filming during one of our daily thunderstorms - they are intense! I've never experienced anything like it until we moved here.

Hope you enjoy :)

Xo, Andrea

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