I posted this picture on my Instagram the other day and a few people voiced some interest in it.  It is honestly the easiest and tastiest soup.  I had actually made it that day because it was the first day that had started to feel like fall.  So, naturally, I put on my first scarf of the season and headed to the grocery store for the ingredients for my favorite fall soup.

Here is what you’ll need:

-1 carton low sodium chicken stock (about 1 liter or enough to cover the veggies in the pot)

-1 package onion soup mix (I usually only use half to cut down on salt)

-1 can diced tomatoes

– veggies of choice (I used baby carrots, yellow and orange bell peppers [two of each], a ton of spinach, celery, cauliflower, onion, garlic, golden potatoes, zucchini, kale)

-1 can of chick peas

– yellow mustard

-Franks red hot sauce

-black pepper

-Mrs. Dash seasoning

– vinegar (I just used rice vinegar because that is that I had)

-any other herbs/spices that appeal to you!

First, I dice up all the veggies into bite size pieces (I keep the pieces pretty big because I like a chunky soup), adding the veggies that will take longest to cook down in first.  Once all the veggies are in the pan and have started their cooking process, I add the chicken stock, can of tomatoes, and onion soup mix and add all the “flavourings” I desire/have in the fridge, along with the remainder of the ingredients. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes or until your veggies are tender!

I am a huge believer in having protein in even meal as it keeps me full and stops me from digging in the fridge for snacks.  So, I always make sure to add some form to this soup.  I added chick peas to this batch but often I will add roasted or baked chicken to it. 


It also freezes well, so I generally make a huge batch and portion it into Tupperwear and take it to work throughout the week!

P.S – Don’t skip on the starch! (I used potatoes but you can use pasta or rice if you prefer) as it acts as a thickening agent and therefore makes the soup much more satisfying and delicious!

Xo, Andrea

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  1. lesley: the dream tree
    October 19, 2012 / 1:41 pm

    yum, this looks great!i'll have to make sometime this fall.

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