[Winged liner]

[one of the last photos of our apartment before we moved out]

[always a favourite – Prague March 2013]

[getting ready for fall with fringe, leather and lace]

[iced coffee]

[Retail therapy to mend a sad heart after dropping the boyfriend off at the airport]

[Anything is possible]

[Seawall sunsets]

[our make shift coffee table we used after we sold almost everything we owned]

[All white airport outfit]

[Fish tacos and beer after work]

[Back in my old room for a few years]

[a few of my favourite items]

I do apologize for my recent disappearance from the blog.  I recently moved (again!) and my boyfriend has officially headed for London to do his Masters.  For years we talked about him going abroad for school, and it is so crazy that it has actually happening now.  Although it is going to be incredibly hard living apart for so long, I know that we will both be happy with the decision in the future.  Thank goodness for Skype!

So, with all these big changes happening, the blog has been pushed to the sidelines.  The dust is finally starting to settle and I’m beginning to feel a little more organized, so things should resume in the near future! Hold tight! With a whole new room to decorate – I’m feeling motivated and inspired all over again. So I have lots of ideas for new posts coming soon!



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  1. lesley: the dream tree
    October 3, 2014 / 4:09 pm

    take care during this transition. at least you'll have somewhere fun to visit. i've been super slacking on my blog too, so don't feel bad!

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