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They are that sexy little secret under your everyday clothes. Even when no one else knows it’s there, a cute under garment helps a lady hold her head high and pull her shoulders back.

In recent seasons, the bralette has been worn as part of an outfit.  Although showing my undergarments isn’t something I would normally  do,  I think a peek of lace through a top can be a very cool addition to an outfit….when it’s done right. Often I choose to sport the trend by having the bralette peek through a sheer top or out the top of a low cut top (seen here).  But to be honest,  I feel like I can only pull this off because I have a small chest.  Had I been blessed with a fuller chest (my sister got all the boob in the family),  I think the trend would just feel too revealing.

Two of my favourites (seen here) are inexpensive options from Forever 21.  They are delicate and detailed but offer enough coverage to conceal my actual bra underneath.  They are certainly something I reach for often.

Below I’ve shopped around to find a few of my favourites from around the web in a variety of price points.  THIS one from NastyGal is my all time fav!

Which is your favourite?

Xo, Andrea


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