A peek inside my fashion week purse (see below for links)

With my new Aussie friend @interlacedmedia

Selfie with @jessicaluxe and @fcysnerios

Fashion week has come and gone here in Vancouver.  Wow, is it fun, but holy smokes was I tired at the end of all of it – and I didn’t even attend all the days!  Since I work Monday to Friday I actually had to plan outfits/hair/makeup the night before, pack it all up and get ready in the hospital washroom after work in order to make it to the first shows on time.  Such a whirl wind.  

Fashion week is such a cool experience.  It’s a chance to wear things you might not usually wear, express your style and find inspiration in those who love fashion as much as you do.  Everyone attuning is dressed to the nines.  I couldn’t help but people watch and maybe stare a little too much…Everything down to the music and lighting was so inspiring.   

Thanks to fashion week rep Jennifer for the tickets!  I had such an amazing time meeting really cool people and rediscovering my love for funky fashion! 

Stay tuned for part II later this week!

Xo, Andrea



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    September 30, 2014 / 3:41 am

    looks like lots of fun!xo T.

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