second day hair tips

I remember back in my high school days, people thought it was nasty to go days without washing your hair everyday.  HELLO frizzy hair high school pictures.  Fast forward 10 years (yikes!), I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair two days (or even three) days in a row. I literally plan my workouts and hair appointments around my hair washing schedule to help maintain my hairs moisture and combat frizz (and lets me honest, save time).

In order to avoid the dirty hobo look, I’ve put together a few of my go-to second or third day hair styles.  Disclaimer : they are all in addition to a healthy helping of dry shampoo.

low bun

low bun

The loose, messy, low bun.  This is one I’ve seen all over pinterest lately.  I literally just roll my hair into a ball and pull a few pieces out in the front.  That’s all there is to it.

second day hair hairstyles

The distraction braid. People will notice your braid and not your dirty hair! I’ll either leave the rest down or pull it half up.

second day hair hairstyles

The high half bun. I like to keep my ears covered to keep it from looking too harsh.

chunky braid hair style

chunky braid hair style

The chunky braid. The key is to keep it super loose, almost falling apart. 

Hat optional (thats a fifth day hair tip, haha!)

Hope you found some inspiration! Happy dirty hair styling!

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Xo, Andrea



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