[ripped jeans, flower hat, fashion week OOTD, weekends]

[Prada and Nike, casual OOTD, summer ready, flower shop]

[Prada dreams come true, throwback, top bun, skeleton cat]

[breakfast, chanel dupes, blogging, Sea to Sky highway]

[pretty book, snacking, pup sitting, Prada from the top]

[photoshoot with Courtney Boutique, muted tones, vodka tasting room in Whistler]

[Photoshoot with StreetScout, white decor, vintage gems, starbucks]

I’m a much better Instagram-er than I am a blogger. Follow me there for daily posts! I usually update a couple times a day.  INSTAGRAM : AANDREACLARE

Or you can follow my snapchat for more “real life”,  smudgy makeup, messy hair and weird comment type posts 🙂


Have a great weekend!

Xo, Andrea


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