Arriving at YVR

Up up and away

Beautiful apartment buildings everywhere

Discovering tile on our stroll through Ken’s Neighbourhood

Lunch time from M&S

The cutest rose filled entrance

Candy coloured homes on Portobello road

Costa Latte

Our home.

I made it to London! 

I was pretty tired on my first afternoon in London.  I hardly slept a wink on my red eye flight. I forgot how tiny and uncomfortable those seats are! 

However, I was hit with a shot of adrenaline when I spotted Ken at the airport and I had a chance to see the city I’ll soon call home.  

Our first stop was M&S.  I had heard all about it (along with Costa, Primark, Selfriges..) from vloggers that I watch, so I get very excited about these little things. We took a stroll through the neighbourhood on the way to the store and took a million pictures.  We picked up some lunch and few treats and then headed back to the apartment for a quick nap before heading out for dinner.

Once I woke from my much needed nap, we headed to Portobello Market area looking for a pub for a beer and some grub.  We took our time getting there while Ken pointed out some of his favourite coffee shops and restaurants, and I took a few pictures of the pretty buildings. We eventually sat down at a little pub near the end of Portobello Market and had some traditonal fish and chips, flatbread and a few beers.

It was a long and exciting day and I slept like a baby all night. Fingers crossed I’m on London time now. 

Xo, Andrea


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  1. By Way of Berlin
    June 2, 2015 / 1:50 am

    Your trip looks fab! I want to visit London and you look like you're having so much fun. Can't wait to see more photos!xx Nina

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