a blonde women wearing a royal blue lace dress looks over a balcony in paris

a feminine blue lace dress with sheer panels hangs in front of a closet door with an chloe drew bag

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When Ken spilt the beans that we were going to Paris as a belated birthday celebration, I went straight to my laptop and started a massive hunt for a Paris-worthy dress.  Now, I’ve always been a bargain hunter and a major vintage queen, so it’s always hard for me to spend a TON of money on something that I know is not an everyday item. I do own a few (very)expensive handbags, however, they were gifts and are handbags that I wear nearly everyday.  

When I came across THIS lace dress from Sheinside – I knew I had one of our nights is Paris covered. It was a no brainer and felt super Parisian.  The collar detail, sheer panels and the perfect knee length were exact what I had in mind for dinner in Paris.

I have to say, I wasn’t totally convinced it wasn’t going to be what it looked like on the website, just because it is so darn inexpensive! But holy smokes – it really is as nice as it looks in the pictures. I was actually kind of shocked! It feels heavy and worth much more money than I paid for it. I ordered mine in a size small, and it fits like a glove at the small of my waist.  No doubt that this dress (along with this inexpensive dress I wore in Italy over the summer – See that post here) are my two favourite dresses in my closet.

If your thinking of purchasing something from the sheinside website but aren’t sure of the quality, my advice would be to steer clear of the dirt cheap items.  I have been disappointed with a few things I’ve ordered from them but the good far out ways the bad.  Especially after receiving this little beauty in the mail.


Xo, Andrea


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